Come on, take off your stuff. Animals don't wear clothes.
~ John tricks Casey into stripping herself for his own sick pleasure.

John Cooke is a supporting antagonist in the 2016 horror-thriller film Split. He is the abusive uncle of Casey Cooke.

He was portrayed by Brad William Henke.



John is Casey Cooke’s paternal uncle. At first glance, he seems to be eccentric but also funny and likable. But in reality, he is actually a sexual predator who would pretend to play games with Casey and molest her in reality. At some point, he orders her to strip herself in front of him while playing "animal games". After that incident, Casey tries to shoot him, but she is unable to bring herself to do it. After the death of Casey’s father, John becomes her legal guardian, and having gained complete custody over her, he subjects her to more years of sexual abuse, causing her to self-harm. Fortunately for her, the trauma she goes through at John’s hands convinces the Beast to spare her life.


In Glass, it is revealed that Casey reported John to the authorities. He is captured and locked away as a result.


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