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My name is John Frederick Paxton. I've just taken over the Verteron Array on Mars. I can now fire on any ship or facility in the system. I have no intention of using this weapon again provided that every single non-human in our system leaves immediately. A new era is at hand. An era that will expose the concept of inter-species unity as an absolute and vicious lie. An era that will witness the advent of a human-centric consciousness that will place our world before all others. As of this moment, mankind casts off the shackles of alien interference and now determines its own fate. Terra Prime forever.
~ Paxton, in his address to Starfleet Command.

John Frederick Paxton is a character appearing in the fourth and final season of Star Trek: Enterprise, serving as the main antagonist of the episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime," which comprise a two-part story.

He was portrayed by Peter Weller, who would later play Alexander Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness, and also portrayed Mr. Yin in Psych.


Paxton is the leader of Terra Prime, a movement dedicated to maintaining the genetic purity of humanity, and is also the head of the Orpheus Mining Colony stationed on Luna, a position he inherited from his father. He orders the creation of a Vulcan/human hybrid created from the DNA of Enterprise crewmembers Charles Tucker III and T'Pol to serve his goal of creating an Earth free of extraterrestrial influence.

Tucker and T'Pol learn of their daughter's existence and go undercover on Orpheus, only to be discovered by Paxton's men and brought before Paxton, who makes known his intentions to put an end to what he views as the contamination of humankind by aliens and returning Earth to its rightful owners. He then reveals that the Orpheus Mining Colony is actually a starship, which he commands to depart Luna and travel to Mars, where he's able to take control of the Verteron array (which is normally used to deflect meteorites and change the course of comets).

Once in control of the Verteron array, Paxton broadcasts a live video message to Starfleet Command and to the United Earth government, demanding that all aliens vacate Earth lest he use the Verteron array to fire on San Francisco, where Starfleet Command (whom he holds responsible for Earth's so-called contamination by aliens) is situated.

Paxton allows T'Pol to see her daughter, whom he contemptuously regards as a "crossbreed freak" and expresses his concerns that humanity will end up becoming a footnote in a historical text. T'Pol figures out that Paxton has Taggart's Syndrome, a disease that should have killed him many years ago, and that he takes regular injections of Rigelian gene therapy to manage his condition. She confronts Paxton with his hypocrisy, but Paxton is adamant in his views that he's trying to save humanity from extinction.

Paxton is later confronted by Captain Jonathan Archer, and the two men face off. As he and the Enterprise captain fight, he mockingly compares Archer to his late father Henry Archer, saying that the elder Archer was so desperate for the secrets to achieving warp flight that he willingly became the Vulcans' "pet human". However, Archer ignores Paxton's taunts and takes him down.

The cloning process his scientists used to create Tucker and T'Pol's daughter soon proved fatal to the infant. Paxton was also unsuccessful in preventing the formation of the Coalition of Planets. The delegates were nervous about going forward but an impassioned speech delivered by Archer salvaged the Coalition. Following the Earth-Romulan War the Coalition would evolve into the United Federation of Planets.

Paxton was imprisoned after the Terra Prime incident. He died in prison on May 26, 2155.

Alternate Timelines

In a timeline where Paxton was successful in destroying Starfleet Headquarters, he was imprisoned by United Earth. Paxton decided to martyr himself and refused to continue with the Rigelian gene therapy. He subsequently died in prison. His death led to increased support for the isolationist policy, who were then able to take a majority of the seats in the UE parliament. For the next century Earth pursued an isolationist policy before reaching out to the Interstellar Coalition.


Before my father died and left me in this facility, I was studying to be a historian until I had a very verbal confrontation with a certain professor who claimed that Green was nothing more than a genocidal madman. [...] Green euthanized hundreds of thousands who were afflicted with radiation damage. Their millions of descendants would've endured horrible disease, yet history, history never says anything about that suffering that Green prevented.
~ Paxton to Daniel Greaves.
It's not worth it, Romeo. Juliet's in good hands. The two star-crossed lovers—I can't help but wonder whether your little drama will end happier than that famous double suicide in a medieval tomb.
~ Paxton, to Tucker after he's brought in as a captive.
You're right there, Commander—my mining business is about to take a turn for the worse.
~ Paxton's sarcastic reply to Tucker.
Behind this? No—I lead this, and proudly too.
~ Paxton to Tucker after he points out he is behind Terra Prime's plans.
Before you ask, your child is safe and sound, finally sleeping through the night. I forgot how much trouble a newborn can be.
~ Paxton to Tucker and T'Pol.
And "no" is a word that Starfleet better get used to hearing from now on. Because up until today, it's always been "yes," hasn't it? "Yes, yes, go right ahead. Roam the stars." "Yes, inform potentially hostile species of the whereabouts of Earth." "Yes, entrust the entire future of our world to non-human creatures who don't even feel like we do." "Yes, promote the total degradation of mankind by encouraging alien/human relations." Well, "yes" is a word that ends here and now! I'm returning Earth to its rightful owners. I am giving Earth back to humanity, back to human beings. It is my life's work. It is what I was born to do, and there is no one, not an alien, not a human, that will stop me from achieving it.
~ Paxton to Tucker.
I plan on luck.
~ Paxton to Tucker.
Terra Prime is dedicated to the protection of life in all of its diversity. So, for the next 24 hours, we guarantee safe passage to all aliens leaving our solar system. [...] But if any alien, if one single alien, remains after the deadline, Terra Prime will defend the sovereignty of every single human being, and we will begin by destroying the institution whose blind arrogance and moral cowardice have put us all at risk: Starfleet Command. We do not seek war, but if the aliens do not leave and force us to fight, I make this solemn promise to all of the sons and daughters of Earth: Our future will be secure because humanity will prevail.
~ Paxton's continuing address.
Don't you realize that baby is? That baby is as much a threat to your species as it is to mine? [...] That child is a cross-breed freak. How many generations before our genome is so diluted that the word "human" is nothing more than a footnote in some medical text? The same thing could happen to your people, or don't you care about that? [...] Change, in this case, means extinction, and I, for one, will not let that baby bring humanity to that point.
~ Paxton talking with T'Pol about Elizabeth.
Well, its two halves are warring with one another. Alien and human. Conflict was inevitable. [...] Your child and the Coalition of Planets, both doomed from the beginning.
~ Paxton, after learning of Elizabeth's condition.
Jonathan Archer—the man who delivered us from the Xindi. Well, look at you now.
~ Paxton, after Archer and his landing party arrive.
I know the reason you turned your back on humanity. I blame your father. He wanted the secrets of warp technology so badly, he allowed the Vulcans to turn him into their pet human. And you—well, the sins of the father.
~ Paxton to Archer.
My father never asked anything from anyone. His mining operations transformed the moon from a mere colony into a completely self-sufficient world, and that is how we should go to the stars. Taking the worlds we need and taming them, with human hands, and human minds, and human souls.
~ Paxton to Archer.
We're each his father's child.
~ Paxton to Archer.
I've been a miner all my life. You get used to the low oxygen.
~ Paxton to Archer, during their battle.
Terra Prime, forever.
~ Paxton's last lines.


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