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Because she's my little girl. Just like the rest of them. They're my children.
~ Godolkin to Hughie.

John Godolkin is a minor antagonist in the highly controversial adult comic-book series The Boys. He is the pedophilic benefactor and leader of the G-Men, as well as many of their spinoff teams.

He is genuinely regarded as one of the most evil Supes, as he appears to care even less about helping others than Homelander did at his worse and lacks any excuse for his actions.


Nothing is known about Godolkin's background. He would abduct children who were orphans and runaways and sexually abuse them since childhood, forcing them to detest him and remained loyal to him. He would have members who revealed the truth killed by his orders and later resurrected them, much like Nubia.

He is first seen meeting Hughie at the front entrance of the G-Men mansion. After the introduction, he has the members of the G-Men show Hughie around the mansion and taking Buzz-Cut to talk about something.

While Hughie sets the devices in the restroom, Nubia, a member of the G-Men appears, scaring Hughie. The members calmed down Hughie and Godolkin has Europo to tell Luckless and Puss-Puss to see him and orders Divine take Nubia back to her room. Hughie asks why he kept Nubia alive, to which he replies that she, like the others, are his children.

He is later seen at brunch with his "children", while the members talked about the new recruit, Hughie.

He is later seen talking to James Stillwell on the phone, who realizes that the former is building a new Pre-Wiz, to which Stillwell doesn't approve of.

Godolkin delivers a speech to the teams at Silver Kincaid's funeral. Later at night, Godolkin is seen with all of the members of the G-Men franchise and orders them to kill the members of The Boys. However, he is massacred along with the G-Men by Vought-American under orders by Stillwell, since the former was endangering their business.


  • He is an evil parody of Charlies Xavier.


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