John Griffin

John Griffin

John Griffin is one of the minor antagonists of the 1994 action film, Surviving the Game. He is an oil man from Texas that joins a group of hunters to kill Jack Mason.

John Griffin first meets Jack Mason when he arrives at the cabin in the forest at Hell's Canyon. He starts asking Mason questions on where he is from and what his age is. When he hears that Mason killed his own wife and kid, he starts getting furious and threatening Mason that he will kill him tomorrow.

Griffin later spits in Mason's face when Mason is being held by one of the hunters escorting him outside. When the hunters start hunting Mason, Griffin thinks that he saw Mason and ends up wasting two bullets by shooting at two trees. He later shoots at Mason when he finds him on a ledge above a river but misses. Griffin then sees Mason's trick( lit cigarettes in a trees) and is not amused. Mason knocks him out by jumping on him very hard.

Mason keeps Griffin hostage and tells him why they are hunting him. Griffin explains to him that he joined the hunt because years later his daughter was murdered by homeless man and he is joining the hunt for revenge. When Mason tells him about his wife and kid dying from his past Griffin has a change of heart.

When the hunters free him from the cave, Griffin tells them that he is not joining them anymore. Burns has his partner Walter Cole kill him by shooting him in the head. Griffin is the only hunter to die by his own friends. He is also the first hunter to reform.