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John Healy is a minor antagonist in the 2015 Marvel TV series Daredevil, being the main antagonist of the episode "Rabbit in a Snowstorm". He was an assassin hired by Wilson Fisk to kill Prohaszka so the Russian mafia could take over his territory. Healy succeeded in his mission but was arrested, leading to Fisk hiring Nelson and Murdock to defend him in court.

He was portrayed by Alex Morf.


Buying from Turk Barrett

John Healy was hired by Wilson Fisk to assassinate Prohaszka; he went to Turk Barrett to obtain a gun. Healy expressed his uncertainty, as he felt the guns were not up to his standard, noting that he preferred revolvers as there was no chance of them jamming, Barrett, however, gave the guns his seal of approval and promised that it would not jam since it was fresh from the crate. Healy relented and took the gun onto the mission.

Assassination of Prohaszka

Healy went to Whitestone Lanes bowling alley where Prohaszka was playing, he first approached the woman behind the counter and politely asked if he could play, she informed him that only Prohaszka could play when he wanted. Healy walked over to Prohaszka and asked him if he could play with him, Healy was rudely refused and pushed away by his bodyguards. Healy defended himself and attacked his bodyguards, causing them to flee before drawing his gun.

Healy then attempted to shoot Prohaszka, telling him he had a bad attitude, but the gun jammed. Prohaszka attacked Healy with a bowling ball and the two engaged in a brief but vicious fight, Healy managed to break his target's arm before killing him by crushing his face with a bowling ball. The New York City Police Department was called by the attendant who quickly fled the scene. Knowing there was no escape, Healy quickly hid the gun in a pinball machine before the police arrived. He then surrendered and calmly asked for a lawyer as he was handcuffed and taken away.

Legal Defence

In the jailhouse, Healy was interviewed by Foggy Nelson and claimed he simply wanted to go bowling but was attacked by Prohaszka and his men. Nelson realized that Healy knew legal procedure due to his fast answers and confident nature. Nelson tried to refuse to represent Healy, but Matt Murdock entered and told Healy that they would take his case of self-defense.

In court, Healy was first defended by Nelson and then Murdock; Healy noted that before Murdock gave his closing argument, Murdock paused for a long time. Nelson had to assure him that Murdock knew what he was doing. Murdock then proceeded to give a long speech determining that the jury did not have enough evidence to convict Healy. The jurors returned with a hung jury, setting Healy free. As the result was being read out, Healy turned to Murdock and complimented him on his impressive speech.

Confession and Suicide

That night, Healy fought a masked man who wanted to know who was Healy's employer. The two fought violently with Healy trying to push the man's face through a piece of metal. Healy used anything he could as a weapon from a pipe to a piece of glass, but the masked man ultimately pinned him and threatened to send a piece of glass through his face. When asked who his employer was, Healy admitted that it was Wilson Fisk. Healy told the masked man that his life was now forfeited as well as the lives of all he held dear. Healy then rammed his own head through a piece of metal, killing himself.


On the outside John Healy appeared as a formal and friendly man, who can't do anyone harm, but he was truly an emotionless killer, who kills people without remorse. He also was a paranoid person going as far as killing himself, simply for revealing his employer's name, because he was scared of the consequences.


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