Spending years living in his older brother The Road Warrior Animal's Shadow than known as Johnny Ace the innovator of The Ace Crusher, John Laurinaitis was the Executive Vice-President of Talent Relations, and The General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown, John Laurinaitis gained such power through devious means ironically such as betraying Triple H who is the COO of the WWE, becoming the Raw Interm General Manager, John would fued with the beloved General Manager of Smackdown Theodore Long, for control over both Raw and Smackdown at Wrestlemania XXVIII he his team would defeat Theodore Long's team making him the General Manger of both Raw and Smackdown, he never was that great as a wrestler however he made an absolutely outstanding heel, not a single soul in the WWE Universe likes John Laurinaitis, he would usher in an era known as people power, which is suppose to give the WWE Universe what they want to see however in reality it's the complete opposite, he would rather give things he would want to see and up the statuses of heels, instead, and put babyfaces through embarrassing antics such as make Theodore Long were a maid's outfit, and making Big Show get on his knees and beg for his job. On No Way 2012, John Cena won, Vince McMahon fired him as Cena Attitude Adjustment him to the Spanish Commentary Table.

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