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This is the Age of Steel and I am its creator.
~ Lumic after his conversion.
And how will you do that from beyond the grave?
~ Lumic taunting a worker before killing him.
I will bring peace to the world... Everlasting peace, and unity, and uniformity.
~ Lumic as the Cyber-Controller to the Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Pete Tyler.

John Lumic is the overarching antagonist in series two of the Doctor Who revival series.

He appears as main antagonist of the two-parter "Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel" as well as the posthumous overarching antagonist in the finale "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday". He is the creator of an alternate reality version of the Cybermen.

He was portrayed by the late Roger Lloyd-Pack.



John Lumic was born in an alternate dimension, where he would become the founder and owner of the innovative tech company, Cybus Industries. One of the company's most notable inventions were the EarPods, earpieces that allowed the download of information directly into the brain. Unbeknownst to the public, however, these devices could also be used to help Lumic access information in people's minds. However, Lumic was dying, forced to stay in a wheelchair with a life support system. Seeking ways to reach immortality, he began to have homeless people kidnapped off the streets to use as test subjects. The result of these experiments were the Cybermen.

Lumic intended for Cybermen to never age or sicken, making their lifespan infinite; but when the President of Great Britain (this alternate Earth's Britain was presidential rather than a constitutional monarchy, thus executive power was in the hands of a President rather than a Prime Minister) forbade any further research, Lumic took the matter into his own hands and sent an army of Cybermen over to the house of Peter Tyler. They proceeded to kill the President and many of the other guests who were celebrating the birthday of Peter's wife, Jackie. Next, sending a signal through the Ear Pods, Lumic had the whole of London march toward his Cybus factory to be converted into Cybermen. Mr Crane, Lumic's right-hand man, ripped out his Ear Pods before they could control him and managed to destroy Lumic's life support system before being killed by a Cyberman.

The Cyber-Controller

With Crane's sabotage, the Cybermen sought to convert Lumic into one of their own. Though he planned to undergo the conversion in his final moments after all other humans have been converted, Lumic's pleas fell on deaf ears and he was converted into the Cyber-Controller. Lumic confronted the Doctor as Mickey Smith sneaked into Lumic's zeppelin and shut down the transmitter controlling all the people marching into the factory. The Doctor stalled for time, subtlety dropping hints for the code that Mickey and his friend, Jake Simmonds, could use to shut down the emotional inhibitors. As Mickey and Jake were in a commandeered zeppelin, watching the Doctor's talk with Lumic via secruity cameras, Mickey cracked the code and texted it to Rose Tyler's phone; the Doctor plugged the phone into the main console, sending the code to all the Cybermen and causing them to self destruct from the maddening surge of emotions.

The Doctor, Peter and Rose escaped to the roof, where Mickey and Jake were waiting for them in the zeppelin. Enraged, Lumic chased after them up the rope ladder before Pete cut the rope with the Sonic Screwdriver, to send the Cyber Controller falling into the inferno below. With the Controller presumed dead following his fall, Mickey, Jake, Pete and the freedom group known as the Preachers sought to end the Cyber threat on their world once and for all; however, it was claimed the Cybermen were 'alive' and should be helped, so they were eventually sealed into their factories.

Three years later by the parallel world's time, the Cybermen later returned by entering the Doctor's universe through a rift made by the Cult of Skaro.


Lumic took immense pride in his creations, the Cybermen. In his eyes, they weren't machined; instead he treated them like they were living creatures, and berated one of his scientists said his test Cyberman was "working." He was charismatic and likable to the public; however, to his subordinates, he was insane, ruthless and massively sadistic. Before having one of his scientists killed by his Cybermen, there was joy and ecstasy in his voice while watching the man be murdered.

He was clever as he managed to build his business, and get the government to approve of his EarPods, which he used to steal information. Not to mention he was very delusional believing that converting everyone would be a complete improvement of humanity, despite the fact that they would be unable to reproduce, or feel happiness.


  • Lumic's actor, Roger Lloyd Pack, also portrayed Barty Crouch Sr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Crouch's son, Barty Crouch Jr., is portrayed by David Tennant, who played the 10th Doctor.
  • Several parallels existed between Lumic and Davros, creator of the Daleks. Both Davros and Lumic relied on life support machines, yet also seemed to have a sense of superiority to others among their species. They both also tried to conquer their respective home planets by converting or mutating their own kind into an emotionless and militaristic race. Interestingly, both of their creations eventually worked out that their respective creators deserved the same fate as any other inferior beings, with Davros being exterminated and Lumic being forcibly Cyber-converted.
  • Lumic's Cybermen and Davros' Daleks would battle each other at the end of series 2 in finale episode “Doomsday”.'

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