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John Milton is the main character of the fantasy action movie, Drive Angry.

He was played by Nicolas Cage.


An undead outlaw, who has escaped from Hell and steals The Devil's main weaputlawson, The Godkiller, and goes on a crusade to destroy Jonah King, utlawsthe villain and cult leader, who manipulated Milton's daughter into joining him and his followers and then killing her, her husband, and taking their daughter, Milton's granddaughter to be sacrificed to The Devil because King believes by doing so he will bring Hell to Earth literally. Then after questioning and even killing a few of King's followers, Milton finds out that his granddaughter's sacrifice will happen in Stillwater, an abandoned prison in Louisiana. So Milton travels there and on the way meets Piper, heroine and waitress, Milton's car gets destroyed in the hunt then he damages her car then followsher to get it repaired for a ride to hunt King down.

When he's in a phone booth, he comes to help Piper fight her boyfriend, who has been cheating on her and then takes his care and takes Piper with him to Stillwater. Then at an evil hotel, he and Piper are attacked by King and his henchmen Milton kills the majority of them then later Milton tries to use the Godkiller to get The Accountant off the road but The Accountant survives. Then he and Piper find King and his followers and granddaughter at a dark church, where they battle them and then on the roads afterward. Then he and Piper go to Webster, hero and Milton's friend, who gives them a new car, and Milton talks about Hell a little. 

Then after he says she may not live if she continues with him she still stays and he tells Webster to not fight in the battle so he doesn't turn up dead. The Accountant aids them escaping the cops, who are looking for them, and head to Stillwater. There The Accountant kidnaps Piper and Milton and they talk about The Godkiller, The Devil, etc, and then The Accountant lets them go to fight King and his followers and save his granddaughter. They destroy King and his followers and save Milton's granddaughter and then he and The Accountant go back to Hell.

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