John Neville is the main antagonist of the 1978 mystery-thriller film Eyes of Laura Mars.

He is portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones.


John was a respected lieutenant however suffered multiple personalities due delisouln which lead become serial killer who murdered women in cold-blood. On the exhibit he met a glamorous fashion photographer named Laura Mars whose works are subjected of controversy involved violence against women. At the same time, he murders Doris Spencer, Laura's assistant which Laura had a dream of his presvtice.

Traumatized and mourns her assistant's death, Laura was quested by Neville and police about connections about murders Neville begun falling in love with Laura. He counts killings of the victims include Elaine the owner of the gallery who had affair with Laura's ex. Her death triggered Laura's vision while on the photo shoot, unaware he is responsible Neville suspected Michael Reisler, Laura's estranged ex-husband and chuffier behind the murders. as killer he chased Laura who had vision of her models Lulu and Michalle getting killed.

Realized his future with Laura will be doomed because of his aggressive personality, Neville begged her to shot him to dead.