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John Saint is a supporting antagonist of the 2004 film The Punisher. He is the son of Howard and Livia Saint and the twin brother of Bobby Saint.

He was portrayed by James Carpinello.


After the death of his twin brother Bobby Saint, John and his father Howard came to a tortured Mickey Duka and an angry Quentin Glass as they are discussing and finding out the truth about the meeting gone wrong. Howard was going to kill Mickey Duka, but found out that Duka had told the truth, and spares his life, although Howard shoots and kills one of his own henchmen.

At the reunion, Howard's men including John, Quentin Glass, another man and Lincoln. They killed most of Frank Castle's family and left Frank to die in the mess in Puerto Rico. After the massacre, John wasted no words; smacked Mickey Duka in the stomach with today's The Daily Bugle newspaper (about tragically Castle Family slaugthered in Puerto Rico) so roughly disrespectful so the Saints, including John and Quentin partied in the club called Saints and Sinners. Then he and the others do their dirty business as usual.

On an unwatched beach one night, John Saint with Howard's other men are smuggling their pay of their dirty money, his father Howard Saint expects all fifteen boats to arrive unharmed, John finds an unusual surprise in one of the boats, when he sees one of the explosives saying "Enemy on Front" and hears the beepings of the bomb, then he dove from the boat to the water before the bomb exploded in the boat. He then sees the Punisher in the distance then to the blazing boat in frustration.

During Castle's ambush in Howard's casino, Saints and Sinners, John is trapped in the dust and debris that has fallen on to him. Castle finds him an eight pound trip wire activated grenade in his hand to give him a scary distraction after his gun is swiped out of his reach. John is killed when his arm gives way and screams no, causing the grenade to explode on him.


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