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John Sansker

John Sansker is a villain in the Spawn series.


John Sansker is a vampire who enjoys sucking people’s blood and killing Hellspawn in his spare time. After learning of a new Hellspawn in“Spawn Blood Feud” #1, Sansker makes his way to New York to engage with Al Simmons. He tracks down his lair in Rat City and comes across the recently crucified Curse, who, as we mentioned, was hanging about as a warning to others not to mess with Spawn. Instead of getting the message, Sansker takes down The Curse and tortures him for information as to Spawn’s whereabouts. When Sansker finally finds Spawn, the two engage in some pretty nasty fisticuffery. He also gave Spawn more bad pubclity.

Powers and ablitlies

being half vampire and half Seprant John Sansker possses superhuman strength speed,and stamina,with a healing factor and can turn into a seprent hybrid monster.

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