John Stark is the main antagonist in the 1994 live action film, The Cowboy Way.

He was portrayed by Dylan McDermott.


Stark is a ruthless gangster who tries to get a large sum of money from Nacho Salazar in exchange for getting his daughter Teresa out of the country, until Stark kills Nacho after demanding more money from him than he had agreed to. When two cowboys named Pepper Lewis and Sonny Gilstrap, who were friends of Nacho, discover that he has been murdered, they track down Stark and become determined to bring him down (with the help of a police officer named Sam "Mad Dog" Shaw).

After killing his own boss and taking over his business, Stark kidnaps Teresa and escapes on a subway train while Pepper and Sonny give chase. After confronting Stark on a platform, Sonny grabs a nearby cable and uses it to lasso Stark while Pepper attaches the other end to a passing train. Stark is then yanked off the platform and dragged behind the speeding train to his death.