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John Strode is a major antagonist in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

He was portrayed by Bradford English.


John Strode is the insane, abusive, alcoholic husband of Debra Strode and father of Kara and Tim. He is also the brother of Laurie's father Morgan Strode. John bought the Myers house from Morgan after the house was proved to be "unsellable". John worked at Strode Real Estate with his brother. Unlike his brother, John always had an abusive relationship with his family. He hates his daughter Kara for some unknown reason. He disowned her after she got pregnant and moved away for five years.

Once Kara came back, John claimed that their family was perfect without her and her son. He hated when Debra tried to help out their daughter but both Kara and Tim would stand up for her if John ever got out of hand. He had also been known to hit his family on a somewhat daily bases.

On October 31, 1995, John went to work and received a call from Debra, telling him that a psychiatrist named Sam Loomis came by the house and told her about the night Judith Myers was murdered in the same house they lived in, and that Jamie Lloyd was found murdered that morning. She told him that she and the kids were was going to leave the house but she wanted him to come along with them. John claimed that Debra was losing it and kept brushing it off. He finally hung up on her after Debra said she was aware that John knew about the house and had neglected to tell them. He then prepared himself a drink.


That night, John came home to find no one was home and became annoyed thinking that his wife had left him with the kids. Just then, the power came off so John went to the basement to try and fix the power. He came to find that the basement was flooded due to the washing machine being broke but still turned on. He opened the washer door and found blood stained sheets, confused on what was going on, John turned around to see Michael Myers, who pinned John to a fuse box with a butcher knife causing him to be electrocuted and have his head blasted to smithereens.


  • John Strode was named after the first name of director John Carpenter.


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