John Verdun is a minor antagonist in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Verdun can be encountered in Velen, tied up near a river. When Geralt arrives, he has to fend of drowners. Afterwards, John begs Gerald to tie him loose, claiming that he was a former Temerian soldier who fled after his unit was destroyed. He joined a group of patriotic refugees who, after realising that he was a deserter, tied him up on the riverbank to leave him for the drowners.

It is up to Geralt whether he frees Verdun. If he does, Verdun can be encountered again later in the game. Geralt can find Verdun with some bandits in the camp of the refugees who left him to die, having just murdered them. He recognizes Geralt and offers him some coin for saving his life. Geralt can accept the money or avenge the refugees by killing Verdun and his men.


  • Verdun serves as an early reminder that seemingly small choices can have dire consequences, a recurring factor throughout the game.


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