John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Boom is the main antagonist in the teaser of the final Batman the Brave and the Bold episode, Mitefall, and the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


John Wilkes Booth arrived at Grover's theater, where he was about to kill Abraham Lincoln, until Batman appeared standing on a chandelier and threw a Batarang at his gun. Wilkes grabbed out two pistols and fired them at Batman. Batman kicked him against a wall. Just then, two knives appeared from Booth's sleeves, and Booth charged at Batman with them. Batman, however, threw him onto the stage below them. John claimed that the south will never be defeated before his clothes were torn apart to reveal a steam powered suit, now announcing himself as John Wilkes Boom. Abraham Lincoln grabbed an emergency axe and fought him alongside with Batman. He and Batman then noticed his suit's weakness: a valve on his back. Batman threw his batarang, and Lincoln threw his axe at it, causing Boom's suit to explode. Abraham Lincoln then thanked Batman for helping reconstruction to continue without any interference.