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So are you ready, Bats? You ready to come see me? I've got such wonderful games for you to play.
~ Johnny to Batman.
Oh, oh, don't tell me. Don't tell me! You are the police commissioner! Your face was on that billboard they replaced with mine! (Laughs) What are you waiting for, old timer? Johnny C doesn't do requests.
~ Johnny to Commisioner Gordon.

Jonathan Browne, a.k.a Johnny Charisma, is a minor antagonist in the 2015 video-game Batman: Arkham Knight. He is one of five people who got infected by the Joker's blood.

He was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum.




Batman: Arkham Knight



When Johnny got infected by Joker's mutated blood, Johnny took on facets of Joker's personality, specifically his egomania. He became a narcissist with a love for showboating. Although Charisma is implied to have been very arrogant and egotistical before the infection, Johnny also turned very sadistic and ruthless, with him even brutally beating a groupie into a coma. Even though the Joker infection changed him very much, Johnny wasn't a stranger to doing criminal acts. In his character bio, it's revealed that he's been accused of plenty of drug offenses, taking and/or dealing drugs. He has also driven under the influence.


Ugh... Boring! Like he's interested in a fight? Don't you know this guy? He craves something more. Something intelligent, something creative... something fun.
~ Johnny to Albert King.
Sorry, Bats. But I was planning a duet for us. Can bird boy wait out there and listen to us make sweet music together?
~ Johnny to Batman about Robin.
Don't be shy! There's room up here on stage for two!
~ Johnny to Batman.
Time to check out, boys!
~ Johnny spotting Robin before setting off his bombs.


  • Because Batman hallucinated that it was the Joker, the player never got to actually hear Charisma sing. However, it was strongly implied that he had a horrible singing voice, as Robin after he knocked Charisma out, commented that even Alfred could sing better than him, as well as commented that stopping him was "[Robin's] contribution to music".
  • Depending on whether the player chose to fight Charisma or Albert King first, Johnny Charisma would either be shot in the head in front of Batman, Robin, and Harley Quinn by Henry Adams, or he would be killed off-screen by Henry Adams.
  • The aspect of Joker's personality that Charisma took on the most was Joker's egotism and love for showboating.
  • Johnny Charisma seemed to hold a huge rivalry with Albert King, at least in instances where Batman was involved, as they were seen arguing over who got to fight him next.
  • Johnny is arguably the one who looked most like the original Joker, with the similar age, shape, gender and hairstyle.


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