I'll break your stack for this one! THEY CAN'T HOLD JOHNNY CUBA!!!
~ Johnny threatening to wreck Zebedee for turning against him, also his last words.

Johnny Cuba is an supporting antagonist from the short-lived British television series TUGS. He is a notorious and violent tramp steamer with gangster qualities. The character speaks with a strong Australian accent and dialect. He is the main antagonist of the episode, High Winds.

He is voiced by Nigel Anthony in TUGS, and French Tickner in Salty's Lighthouse.


Johnny had arrived at Bigg City Port to formulate plans with fellow criminal friends during a period of strong and troublesome tempest weather. He threatened Zebedee and manipulated him into helping him enter the port.

Johnny sent Zebedee on an errand to steal a barge of coal, and threatened to sink him if he landed either of them in trouble. Due to a feud between Johnny and Captain Zero that occurred in the past, Zebedee was placed in an awkward and dangerous situation, until Hercules discovered Johnny's hideout in an abandoned dock. He attempted to escape, but Zebedee stuck up courage to ram him against the keyside and then take him to the authorities. Despite Johnny's claim that "they can't hold Johnny Cuba!", they did.


Johnny Cuba's fictional origins are uncertain. The TUGS Board Game incorrectly states that Johnny Cuba is Cuban, despite his Australian speech in the actual show.


  • In Salty's Lighthouse, Johnny was a friendly character instead of a villain.
  • He later appears faceless in the later episodes.


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