Johnny Deepend is an enemy ghost encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. Johnny is an athlete that presumably likes playing sports such as volleyball and water polo. He is the fourteenth boss of the game and resides in the Fitness Center located on the thirteenth floor of the hotel. His battlefield is the pool. Luigi has to fight him for the fourteenth floor's elevator button.


While on his way in the Fitness Center, Luigi will eventually find a pool area where the first thing that he sees is a volleyball being aimed at him, followed by Johnny's laugh. Realizing that someone else is in this area, Luigi sneaks in and looks at the pool, where he sees Johnny Deepend who immediately attacks, throwing him more volleyballs without hesitation. Johnny will also either use his sunglasses to protect himself from being vacuumed, or dive deep inside the pool. To defeat him in the first phase, Luigi has to wait for the right moment to knock him out with one of his volleyballs, allowing Luigi to release Gooigi, who will pass through the bars and go to the drain lever to drain the pool. However, Johnny can squirt water and dissolve Gooigi.

After the water is sucked, Johnny is sucked down as well and he gets stuck in the drain at the bottom. Luigi goes down and battles Johnny there, he will use his strength to slam the floor and cause Gooigi to fall, he will also still use his sunglasses to protect himself from getting flashed. In order to defeat Johnny Deepend, Luigi must him him three times with the volleyballs until his sunglasses come off, allowing Luigi to flash Johnny. After being defeated, Johnny makes some poses before finally getting vacuumed, and Luigi is granted with the fourteenth floor's elevator button, where he can tackle DJ Phantasmagloria.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that most ghosts in the hotel were brainwashed by King Boo, and thus were unwilling accomplices. Thus, this might also be true for Johnny Deepend. However, his eventual fate remains unknown. 



  • Johnny Deepend is somewhat similar to Biff Atlas from the first game.
  • His name may be a pun for the famous real-life actor, Johnny Depp.
  • His name in other translations also have different puns such as:
    • French: Walter Polo, pun on "water-polo".
    • Dutch: Bart van Diepe, which may be a pun on "diepe bad" (deep pool).
    • Italian: Timor Dell'Acqua Translates to ironically "Fear of water".
    • Korean: Mascal Polo, pun of Muscle or Muscular + Polo.


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