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We need some more help... Pentangeli's set up a meeting with the Rosato Brothers. He says he's gonna go for their deal... Will he come alone? ...Just go along, everything will be alright Fredo. Pentangeli says he's willing to make a deal. All we want to know is if he's on the level, or if he's gonna bring his boys. Your brother's not going to find out we talked.
~ Johnny Ola to Fredo Corleone.

Johnny Ola is a major antagonist in the 1974 movie Godfather Part II. He was a mobster and Hyman Roth's right-hand man.

He was portrayed by Dominic Chianese, who also played Uncle Junior in The Sopranos.


Johnny Ola was a Sicilian mobster and close associate of Hyman Roth since the old days. He acted as Roth's enforcer and an intermediate between him and the Corleone Crime Family with Frank Pentangeli calling him a "messenger boy".

In 1958, as a deal between Michael Corleone and Hyman Foth was being negotiated, Johnny Ola was tasked by Roth with organizing the assassination of Michael, using the help of his older brother Fredo Corleone. He and Fredo had met before and Johnny used that opportunity to gain information about Michael and his security. Johnny himself visited Michael Corleone in order to discuss about his ongoing deal with Roth. That same night he hired some assassins to kill Michael. The attempt failed and the assassins were shot dead by someone, assumingly Fredo.

Michael then traveled himself to Miami to meet with Hyman Roth, with Johnny mostly guiding him and showing him the way. Sometime later, Johnny called Fredo Corleone and asked him information about Pentangelli's meeting with the Rosato brothers, with Fredo accusing him for lying to him and closing the phone. Johnny Ola was then once again showing Michael around in Avana where he and Roth would meet with the Cuban dictator Batista and further discuss their deal. When Michael asked him about the Cuban rebels, Johnny remarked that they are just lousy bandits not to be concerned with. Later, during the New Years Eve he met with Fredo in a night club in front of a suspicious Michael who tried to check their reactions by introducing them to each other. Both Fredo and Johnny pretended that they never had met before. Later, Johnny was present during an argument Michael and Roth had over the assassination attempt on Pentangelli by the Rosato brothers. When a careless Fredo mentioned that Johnny Ola shoed him this night club (thus confirming that he was the traitor), Michael gave orders to his bodyguard to eliminate both Johnny Ola and Hyman Roth. Johnny was strangled to death with a wooden coat hanger.


Johnny Ola was very smart, cunning, and the primary responsible for gaining Fredo Corleone's trust leading to his betrayal of his younegr brother Michael. Even though most of the decisions were made by his boss, Hyman Roth, Johnny himself handled the situations very good himself using his friendly nature and politeness to caught his enemies of guard.



  • Michael Corleone
  • Frank Pentangelli
  • Willie Cicci
  • Tom Hagen
  • Al Neri
  • Peter Clemenza
  • Bussetta


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