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Johnny Quick is a supporting antagonist turned protagonist in the movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. He is Flash's evil doppleganger from an alternate reality. He eventually sacrifices himself by rapidly vibrating as a portal for Batman to defeat Owlman, and dying from the rapid aging caused by the vibration.

He iwas voiced by James Patrick Stuart.


Johnny Quick fist appeared before Lex Luthor, walking among the Crime Syndicate, telling him he'll pay for one of their members death, J'edd J'arkus. He and the other Crime Syndicate members stopped as Luthor pulled out a device, which it then teleported him to another world.

Johnny Quick later attended a meeting with the Crime Syndicate where he listened in on Owlman's presentation of his device known as the QED that is capable of destroying a world.

Johnny Quick and his Made Men were seen loading a ship distributing chemical formulas that give powers.


As Flash's counterpart, he wears a yellow costume that is similar to Zoom's, except it has a Q on his chest and has black outlines. Also he wears black sunglasses and has orange hair revealing.


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