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John Sacrimoni as a major antagonist of HBO Series, The Sopranos. Despite being a ruthless mobster he is a devoted family man. He's known Tony Soprano for many years but both of them are willing to taking advantage of the other if it benefits themselves. He is the underboss of the New York Lupertazzi crime family.

He was portrayed by Vincent Curatola.


Season 1

When Tony's Uncle Junior taxes Hesh Rabkin Johnny decides to intervene as Hesh is a friend of his. Johnny discusses the situation about Hesh with Tony when he is at dinner with his wife Carmela which frustrates her. Together Tony and Johnny convince Junior to lower the tax and share it equally among his capos.

Season 2

Johnny is shown at a few dinners and poker games but otherwise doesn't really do anything at all.

Season 3

Johnny moves to New Jersey with his wife Ginny. Tony is fearful Johnny will try to interfere in how he runs his business. Johnny assures Tony this is not the case but he later speaks to Tony about not making Bobby Baccala Sr perform the hit on Mustang Sally as a favor to Junior which rubs Tony up the wrong way.

When a conflict arises between Tony and Ralph Cifaretto over Ralph's brutal murder of a stripper that was pregnant with his child Johnny acts as a mediator. Johnny only does this because Ralph makes New York a lot of money on the esplanade and not because he cares for Ralph. Johnny also callously dismisses the woman as "just a whore". Johnny realizes Paulie Gualtieri feels mistreated and takes full advantage to get Paulie to reveal Tony's secrets to him.

Season 4

The information Johnny gets from Paulie allows New York to take a bigger percentage of the scams Tony pulls in Jersey. Johnny becomes infuriated when he is told that Ralph made a fat joke at Ginny's expense.

While out with his protégé Joey Peeps John hears Ralph's crew member Donny Kafranza laughing. Assuming it's about the joke John beats him up and urinates on him. Tony is infuriated by this and scolds John. Johnny reveals he knows about Ralph's joke and Tony feigns ignorance. Johnny is especially annoyed as he attributes the Weight Gain to when Ginny was pregnant and feels she has been trying hard.

Tony tries to fix things by having Ralph call Johnny and say someone made it up. Ralph messes it up by apologizing which John sees as an admission of guilt. Tony offers to give Johnny Ralph if he reveals who his mole is but John refuses. Both John's boss Carmine Lupertazzi and Uncle Junior offer non-lethal ways to punish Ralph but that isn't enough for John. Since Carmine refuses to sanction a hit on Ralph Johnny takes it upon himself to organize his assassination. John is angered when he finds out Ginny has been hiding treats from him but quickly calms down and assures her, he loves her no matter what. He then calls of the hit on Ralph which unknown to him saved his life as Carmine had ordered Tony to eliminate John. After Tony killed Ralph he tried to blame it on Johnny.

When Carmine and Tony had a dispute over the profits of the Hud Scam John played them against each other and got them both to make offers that would only insult the other. Johnny suggests that if Tony killed Carmine "all this unpleasantness would go away". When Carmine agreed on a favorable split Tony told John he wasn't going to have Carmine killed. John reacted angrily and Tony correctly guessed that John just wanted Carmine dead so he could take over.

Season 5

After Carmine dies of a stroke John fights with his son Little Carmine for control of the family. Johnny Started a war when he had loan Shark Lorraine Caluzzo murdered for kicking up her payments to Little Carmine instead of him.

When his protégé Joey Peeps was murdered, Johnny was furious. When it was discovered that Tony's cousin Tony Blundetto was responsible and that he killed Phil Leotardo's brother Billy John demanded Blundetto be turned over. Ultimately Tony killed Blundetto himself. At the end of the season John is arrested and put into custody after he is betrayed by Jimmy Petrille.

Season 6

Johnny had Tony arrange a hit on Rusty Millio who Johnny feared wanted to take power for himself. Johnny was released for his daughter Allegra's wedding. When he was dragged away crying when he stayed late Phil and many others derided John, as they saw his behavior as womanly. Tony was notably the only one to defend him.

Johnny's lawyer Ron Pearse floated the idea of co-operating with the FBI but Johnny absolutely refuses. Ultimately Johnny confessed his crimes to allow Ginny to keep the family assets but didn't give anyone up. The mobsters then all disowned him. During his incarceration Johnny developed lung cancer brought on from his 38 year old smoking habit and passed away surrounded by the family that loved him and who he loved back. Despite their rather difficult relationship Tony was saddened by his death and looked absolutely disgusted when Paulie bragged about how he was able to beat cancer and Johnny wasn't.

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