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Johnny Stillman is the main antagonist of the 1978 film I Spit On Your Grave.

He was portrayed by Eron Tabor.


Johnny was friends with Matthew Duncan, Stanley Woods, and Andy Chirensky. When Jennifer Hills came to rent a cabin near the area where the four young men lived, Johnny convinced his friends that they should rape her together. After they each raped Jennifer, Johnny ordered Matthew to kill Jennifer. Matthew couldn't bring himself to do it. As Matthew spared Jennifer, she took revenge on the four men. After killing Matthew, she cornered Johnny at gunpoint. Johnny tried to convince Jennifer that he couldn't help himself. Jennifer pretended to forgive him and offered him a bath, only to slice off his penis and lock him in the bathroom to bleed to death.

Years later, Johnny's wife, Becky, his parents, Henry and Millie, along with Several other family members of Jennifer's victims, would try to take revenge on Jennifer and her daughter Christy.


Johnny was a misogynistic and sexually depraved man who thought that he could use women for sexual pleasure and than dispose of them. He had little in the way of morals, not being above rape or murder. While he genuinely seemed to love his family, he was not above adultery. Johnny was the most vocal and assertive of the group, being the leader. He was also a selfish coward, as he begged Jennifer not to kill him despite the fact that he raped and tried to murder her. He was also rather dim-witted, as he expected her to buy the excuse he used that he couldn't help himself and did not suspect that she was only pretending to forgive him, being foolish enough to take a bath with her after she held him at gunpoint.


  • Despite being the lead villain, Johnny is only the second of the group to be killed. Typically, the main villain in a story is the last to be killed off. Even in the other I Spit on Your Grave films, the primary villain is the last to be fought.
  • He is the rapist that is Christy Hills' father.


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