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The Joker is one of the most iconic fictional villains in history. He is a supervillain that originates from DC Comics. His first appearance was in April 25, 1940 in the Batman comic books. Originally, the Joker would have been killed in his initial appearance, but he ended up becoming the archenemy of the Batman. He was created by the late Bill Finger, the late Bob Kane, and the late Jerry Robinson.

Here, you can find links to pages for his various appearances, villains who share his alias, and other similar villains.

DC Comics' Joker

Similar Villains

  • Red Hood - A title originally held by the man who would later become the Joker.
  • The Batman Who Laughs - A Batman from Earth -22 in the Dark Multiverse who was exposed to the Joker's toxin after his death.
  • Harley Quinn - The Joker's infamous sidekick first introduced in 1992.'
  • Duela Dent - Also known as the Joker's Daughter.
  • Punchline - The Joker's new right-hand woman and girlfriend.
  • Marquis Jet - A victim of the Joker's actions turned sociopathic fan of his.

Other Jokers

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