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Villain Overview

Welcome to the madhouse, Batman! I set a trap, and you sprang it gloriously! Now let's get this party started!
~ The Joker to Batman in Arkham Asylum.
You of all people should know — there's nothing so CRUEL as MEMORY. The pointy, bitey little THUNDERBOLTS. Unwanted party crashers, SCREAMING through your synapses. Inescapable, unrelenting… not at all friendly. You can't even escape into MADNESS! And then you meet someone who changes your life — and you feel that you don't even know who you are anymore. Isn't it funny how one little encounter can CLEAVE off little pieces of your past, DEFORM your memories and persona until you rethink your whole identity — and as you realize how foolish it all is — your LAUGHTER reverberates off the walls of your own emptiness.
~ The Joker explaining his views to Dr. Harleen Quinzel.
Take a hint, old boy! We may have had our differences, but you and me, we're made for each other.
~ The Joker to Batman in Arkham Knight.

The Joker is the main antagonist of the Batman: Arkham video game series. He is a nefariously insane and homicidal supervillain who is one of the most powerful criminal masterminds in all of Gotham City. He is also the arch-nemesis of Batman due to his crimes and high numbers of people killed by his hands, and also due to attempting to break his mind even after his death.

He was voiced by Mark Hamill in the three Rocksteady games, who has also voiced multiple incarnations of the Joker over the years, as well as Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Alvin the Treacherous in the How to Train Your Dragon series, Darth Bane in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dictatious in Trollhunters, Niju in Balto II, SkekTek in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and Skeletor in Masters of the Universe: Revelation, and portrayed John Curtis in Criminal Minds and the Trickster in the Arrowverse. In Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham, he was voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Two-Face and Arkham Knight in the same series.


He serves as the main antagonist of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham Origins, one of the three main antagonists (alongside Ra's al Ghul and Hugo Strange) of Batman: Arkham City and the posthumous overarching antagonist of both the latter's sequel DLC episode Harley Quinn's Revenge and Batman: Arkham Knight.

He also serves as the secondary antagonist of the 2014 animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham, one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Black Mask and Penguin) of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, the main antagonist of Arkham Knight's prequel DLC episode Batgirl: A Matter of Family and the posthumous main antagonist of Batman: Arkham VR.



The Joker has the twisted look of a clown. In all of his apparitions (including those of Arkham Knight), he wears an elegant, eccentric harlequin outfit, consisting of a yellow shirt under a purple buttoned jacket. After falling in a vat of chemicals, Joker's skin turned white. His lips became red, as well as being permanently stuck with a vicious and untrustworthy grin.



Titan Joker is a giant monstrous version of the Joker and the final boss in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Titan Joker is about as tall as Killer Croc. He's an incredibly muscular monster, a lot of his bones such as a large amount of his ribs on both sides as well as his fingernails are sharpen and revealed, and his hair is now a mohawk.


Joker has countless disorders, including schizophrenia, hysteria, narcissism, and borderline personality disorder.

Wherever he went, the Joker left a trail of madness, chaos, and death in his wake. He had no interest in money or power, he was neither greedy nor did he have any concern over companionship or want of a friend. His goals were simple and downright evil: chaos for the sake of chaos. Joker's sense of humor was twisted, malevolent, and vituperative, so uncountable deaths were just a distraction to sadistically feed his appetite.

He was also a monomaniac. He underwent extremely deranged fixations upon different obsessions. The most obvious one was harlequins which actually became the motif of his crime empire, this also was carried out in his appearance and manner of killing his victims (making them laugh to death after revealing them to his Joker Toxin). But perhaps the most startling was his fixation on Batman, the first vigilante ever to set foot in Gotham. His obsessions were so bad he focused most of his energy on killing the Dark Knight and should he interfere in his plans, he instantly became the top priority.

Also despite being archenemies, Joker actually considered Batman his best friend; he would not kill him even if it was beneficial to his plans but would if he was bored with him. He did not care about the man underneath the cowl as he knew the second his identity would be revealed it would mean the end of their "game" (which contradicts a question he makes to the Dark Knight in Arkham Asylum) and even stopped Harley Quinn from unmasking a kidnapped Batman, stating "no-one's who you think they are, my dear, why spoil the fun?". Joker actually once insinuated their relationship to be a romantic one. This was either a joke or that he has become so obsessed that he actually may have developed a genuine attraction to Batman although the Joker has no concern over intimacy or companionship, so it is most likely a joke.

Joker hated Batman's sidekicks. He believed that they held the vigilante back and only prevented him "playing" with Bruce. It was this that prompted him to kidnap and torture Jason Todd (the second Robin) then mail him the video of Jason's brutal death which only hung over Batman's guilty conscience. Thankfully, as later revealed in Arkham Knight, Jason's death was faked by Joker shooting him in his bullet-proof armor.

Joker displaying his lack of empathy by threatening to kill Harley Quinn.

He had no concern over anyone's life except his own. If one of his own men were left behind or died, it was a mild inconvenience in Joker's eyes. He would even kill them himself, including the loyalist thugs if he was disappointed by them and sometimes just for the sadistic entertainment in simply killing them. Even Harley Quinn, his most loyal minion and girlfriend who utterly idolized the maniac was left totally oblivious to his cruel treatment and utter abuse towards her. However Harley is still useful to Joker's cause and as long as she kept this way he would keep her by his side there was a rare time when Joker did care for her or at the very least had a soft spot for her (such as the fact she was the only person he didn't try to shoot under the effects of Scarecrow's gas, his jealousy of her when she started dating Deadshot) and he never outright tried to kill her.

Despite his obvious untrustworthy appearance, Joker is surprisingly charming and in some cases seductive. He was a pathological liar and a sadomasochist. Given his incarceration in Arkham City, he had concocted twelve unique identities with one finite detail, Batman. He was completely unafraid of any physical harm inflicted on him, not only taking twisted delight in being beaten half to death by an enraged Batman but actually persuading him to kill him. Joker's very presence was corruptive; he brought out the worst in people, turning good men into killers, and was a cynical, manipulative Machiavelli. During his therapy sessions, not only was he able to get Doctor Young into thinking that he was completely intelligible and sane but actually tricking Doctor Harleen Quinzel into thinking herself in love with the Joker. He openly did not think much of humanity, believing every man, woman, and even child was as equally insane, sarcastic, and treacherous, as he was on the inside and that to deny this was pure madness, in this case, he resented Batman for his ideas that people were basically good. He also thought that life is a joke and everyone in it thought that no one's life is valuable.

He became increasingly obsessed with Batman as the story of Arkham Origins continued. Though he originally viewed him as a "tiny little distraction", he slowly becomes more focused on the vigilante especially after he saved the clown prince from his death on top of Gotham Royal Hotel, and was completely dumbfounded that people like him would risk their lives to save his until he admitted to his psychiatrist that it was fate that he and Batman met that day. He even ordered the freed prisoners of Blackgate to leave Batman alive, which was odd as he showed no concern over the Caped Crusader living or dying beforehand. Even when he was defeated and imprisoned, he was seen laughing insanely all the while saying, "this is going to be fun" prolonging the inevitable life-long duel between Batman and him.

Joker meeting Batman for the first time.

However, the Joker was not totally deluded, as he was aware that he was a bad person who deserved death and was completely dumbfounded when Batman risked his own life to save his, as he was aware that he wasn't worth saving. He was also a revolutionary, nihilistic, and suicidal individual, just after Bane rocketed an RPG toward the Gotham Royal Hotel, instead of panicking he casually accepted his fate without hesitation.

He presented numerous opportunities for Batman to take his life, although because of his arrogance there is always a chance that he was simply mocking him as knew the Dark Knight had never killed beforehand. His lack of self-preservation was further reinforced when he shot himself with a dangerous chemical after Batman unraveled his plans to take over Arkham Asylum. Despite his nihilism, Joker completely overvalued his life above anything else. After feeling the effects of the TITAN poisoning from Arkham Asylum, he frantically searched for a cure so he would not die, he even had his girlfriend kidnap doctors all across Gotham then brutally tortured and killed anyone who could not cure his disease.

The Joker's emotions were impossible to read, one of his own henchmen even commented on how the Joker's mindset could change so easily from being maniacal and humorous to being a serious, calculated mastermind. He was capable of being calm and rational yet this broke in an instant and he reverted to his hysteric state, literally laughing until he was near the brink of tears. Joker rarely got angry and whenever he did it was almost impossible to realize however he did come close to having a breakdown when Batman had set his plans in an array during the siege of Arkham.

Joker torturing Jason Todd.

He seems to have developed a symbolic connection towards Arkham Asylum. Despite it being the place of his incarceration Joker considers it a "home away from home" which he used as a way to add insult to injury to the politicians who locked him away there. It was also the same place he chose to put Jason Todd under brutal torture however this was probably pathological to emotionally attack Batman as he was the man who incarcerated him in Arkham.

Joker was also a total genius to make matters worse. He was a master tactician, manipulator, and actor, not only he was able to fool The World's Greatest Detective into thinking he was Black Mask but his entire gang as well. Single-handedly he was able to mastermind the attack on Arkham Asylum by setting a fire at Blackgate Prison so all of his goons would be there to help him take over the Asylum. He was also familiar with Batman's weak points knew that if he brought innocents into the equation then Batman would have no choice but to help him. Because of this, he sent his poisoned blood to hospitals all over Gotham to force the Dark Knight to locate his cure as well as poisoning the Dark Knight himself so symbolically the two would either be united in death.

Joker's lifeless body being carried out of Arkham City.

In his final moments, Joker gloated over Batman, showing arrogance, overconfidence, and remorseless to his very core. He boasts that in the end, he would always save him, ignoring that the Joker ended up destroying his own cure. Despite dying, he was able to find humor in his own death and ultimately got the last laugh on Batman.

Despite his death, nine months later Joker returned. He was able to send his contaminated blood to numerous hospitals which were overlooked and infected five people (Henry Adams, Christina Bell, Albert King, Johnny Charisma, and Batman) over time his personality manifested in these five people, and they began to resemble him in appearance and personality. As the Joker-Virus spread throughout Batman, many traits of Joker himself spurred when he was alive inside the Dark Knight, mainly his manipulative and sadistic nature.

He was able to manipulate Batman into imprisoning Robin by antagonizing his mind with Jason Todd's death and forcing him to relive his worst memories throughout the night; such as the paralysis of Barbara Gordon, the torture of the Second Robin and even forced him to break his no-killing rule (in a hallucination only). Joker himself comes to the conclusion that though in life the two were divided, death became a symbolic unite for both of them as well he even makes allusions that in contrast to their differences they were "made for each other", should he have fully taken control of Batman he would have returned to "the full package" and plunged Gotham into his reign of chaos.

Underneath his terrifying demeanor and bravado, Joker was actually capable of fear. He was terrified of death and looked for any means to cure himself going as far as when the chance for immortality came across him, he instantly grabbed it. His own self-obsession was so great that when he discovered the Joker-Virus manifested within five people, turning them into imitations of his own personality he was outraged and he deems them 'Joker-fakes'. Above all, he was not only afraid of dying but being forgotten by the people of Gotham. This is exploited by Batman when the Joker-Virus takes control of Bruce's mind which ultimately results in his final defeat before he is laid to rest by both the city and Batman.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ace of Spades: A powerful revolver.
  • Handgun: A regular handgun.
  • Knife: A regular knife.
  • Explosive Teeth: Chatter teeth that can explode when triggered.
  • Smilex: A deadly gas that attacks the victim's nervous system, making them laugh uncontrollably until they die a slow, painful death with a smile on their face.
  • Goggles: Goggles that have a thermal vision, allowing Joker to see skeletons through objects like Detective Mode.
  • Joy Buzzer: A deadly electrical buzzer that can shock victims to death.


Victims killed by The Joker
  • Giovanni Luchese
  • Tiffany Ambrose
  • Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb
  • Lester Buchinsky/Electrocutioner
  • Frank Boles
  • Dr. Penelope Young
  • Razor
  • Talia al Ghul
  • Unnamed Bank Manager
  • Multiple Employees at Gotham Merchant's Bank
  • Many of his own thugs
  • Multiple Black Mask thugs
  • Multiple Penguin thugs
  • Multiple Two-Face thugs
  • Multiple Bane thugs
  • Multiple Blackgate staff
  • Arkham Lunatics
  • High Secretly Henchmen
  • Political Prisoners
  • Two unnamed Joker thugs
  • Innumerable Arkham Asylum staff
  • Multiple Arkham City doctors
  • Multiple TYGER guards
  • Hundreds of Gotham Citizens
  • A countless number of unnamed people



  • Harley Quinn
  • Dr. Penelope Young
  • Frank Boles
  • Mr. Hammer
  • Bane (formerly)
  • Scarecrow
  • Firefly (formerly)
  • Deathstroke (formerly)
  • Deadshot (formerly)
  • Killer Croc
  • Victor Zsasz
  • Clayface
  • Electrocutioner (formerly)
  • Copperhead (formerly)
  • Lady Shiva (formerly)
  • League of Assassins (formerly)
  • His own henchmen


  • Bane
  • Firefly
  • Deathstroke
  • Deadshot
  • Black Mask
  • GCPD
  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Nightwing
  • Batgirl
  • Aaron Cash
  • James Gordon
  • Harvey Bullock
  • Electrocutioner
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Penguin
  • Two-Face
  • Catwoman
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Ra's al Ghul
  • League of Assassins
  • Talia al Ghul
  • Quincy Sharp
  • Calendar Man
  • Poison Ivy
  • Blackgate staff
  • Arkham Asylum staff
  • Arkham City staff
  • TYGER guards


Arkham Asylum

The night is young, Bats. I still have a trick or two up my sleeve. I mean, don't you think it's a little bit funny how a fire at Blackgate caused hundreds of my crew to be moved here?
~ The Joker while being transferred.
Can you smell the excitement in the air? No? Hmm... must have been one of the guards, then. Croc, old boy, is that you?
~ Joker to Killer Croc.
Let's talk about your employee relations, Bats. Harley disappointed me and now she's out of the picture. Gone. Forgotten. Dead to me. You get the idea. What's it like in your organization? Do you punish your hired help when they fail? Or is that saucy outfit you make him wear punishment enough?
~ The Joker.
Patient continues to show bizarre and irrational tendencies. On continued observation, it is clear that he believes he can in some way influence the inevitable destruction of the city. Tests prove what can only be described as a buried messiah complex. I fear he is untreatable.
~ The Joker about Batman.
I once went to a psychiatrist 'Doc', I said, 'Every time I get into bed, I think there's someone under it, I get under the bed, I think there's somebody on top of it'! I was going crazy. So I cured myself. I cut the legs off my bed. And then the doctor. Slept fine ever since.
~ The Joker.
Joker: Oh God... Does she ever stop going on about those plants of hers?
Poison Ivy: When I finish with Batman, I'll be coming after you, Joker!
Joker: Will you really. Well, that's gratitude, isn't it? Women! You give'em presents, experimental chemicals and nice costumes and they still turn on you
~ Joker to Poison Ivy.
Over? Why, my dear delusional Dark Knight, it hasn't even begun!
~ The Joker, unwilling to accept defeat just yet.
Ow. You're ruining my big night! Months of planning down the crapper! I just wanted to bring down your grim facade and for once, let you see the world as I see it, giggling in a corner and bleeding. But you denied me even that. (pointing the Titan formula at himself) I have nothing to live for! (injects himself with Titan)
~ Joker to Batman for the reason for why he planned the riot of Arkham Asylum, also before he mutated into his Titan form.
~ The Joker.
I can take it. I can take anything you throw at me Bats! You can't beat me I'm actually going to win. Ready for the next round?
~ The Joker during the final battle.

Arkham City

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. Watch me kill your favorite cat!
~ The Joker while attempting to kill Catwoman.
Well, look who it is. I haven't seen you for, how long as it been? Let's see, there was an asylum, some monsters, and oh, that's right, you left me to die. Now you probably don't remember it that way, but who cares?
~ Joker discussing the events of Arkham Asylum with Batman.
Welcome, inmates. You are now taking your first, tentative steps towards a better world. A world of fun, mischief and best of all, a world where the only person you need to answer to is yours truly.
~ The Joker
I know what you guys are thinking. Is it all true? Is life at Joker Enterprises everything it's rumored to be? Sadly, it is. All of it. But look on the bright side. At least you know what you're getting yourself into and I can promise you this. You'll never leave.
~ The Joker
Surprise! You fell for the ol' fake Joker gag, Batman.
~ Clayface, secretly posing as the Joker.
Good evening, troops. This is General J with a quick update on what's going down here in Arkham City. As you can see, I'm looking much better. In fact...oooh...I think I'm looking better than ever. Oh, I can hear you all now: "How did this happen?", "Can I get me some of that crazy cure?", "I want answers, damn it! Now!" Well, here's the thing. Answers don't give you everlasting satisfaction. Sometimes you need to brace yourself for disappointment. Now think about it. Imagine your favorite TV show. You've been through it all. The ups, the downs, the crazy coincidences, and then: Bang! They tell you what it's all about. Would you be happy? Does it make sense? How come it all ended in a church? You guys just need to know one simple thing. I'm back. Back for good. Now arm yourselves, boys, we've got a prison break to plan. No hostages. No surrender. I know. It sounds like suicide, but listen. Whatever happens...I'll be right behind you.
~ Clayface posing as the Joker.
Joker: Get back here, Harley!
Harley: But I want to know who he is sweetle.
Joker: No one's who you think they are, my dear. Why spoil the fun?
Batman: It was all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you.
Joker: Nice of you to say, but, you of all people should know. There's plenty wrong with me. Take my blood for example. I wish somebody would. This stuff is killing me!
Batman: Why should I care?
Joker: Because now there's a teeny little bit of me in you too, Bats. Oh, c'mon. Don't tell me it's not what you always wanted. Look, we're running out of time, I need your help. I nearly had a cure; It was so close and then it was taken form me.
Batman: So we both die. I'm fine with that.
Joker: Are you? Image, suking down that last breath, knowing that Gotham is doing the same.
Batman: What are you talking about.
Joker: Oh didn't say? I've spent weeks shipping samples of my blood to emergency rooms all over the city.
Batman: So, that's Protocol 10. Poison Gotham. I expected more.
Joker: Protocol 10? Never heard of it. Hold tight! (Push Batman out the window.) I'll be in touch!
~ The Joker poisoned Batman with his blood to force him to recover the cure that will save their lives.
Joker: Quick, the cure! What are you waiting for? Come on! I killed your girlfriend, poisoned Gotham, and hell... it's not even breakfast. But so what? We all know you'll save me.
Batman: Every decision you've ever made ends with death and misery. People die. I stop you. You'll just break out and do it again.
~ Joker on the brink of death.
Joker: Think of it as running gag...(stabs Batman with a knife which causes the cure to drop to the ground and shatter) NOOOO!!!! Are you HAPPY now!??
Batman: Want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you.
Joker: (coughing laugh) That actually is...pretty funny! (coughing laugh)
~ Joker's last words to Batman before he died of his TITAN disease.
Hello! Anyone in there? No sense of humor. Oh, the strong and silent type, eh? Think you're safe behind that mask? Give me 20 minutes and a can opener and I'll have you whimpering like a schoolgirl. You might like it.
~ The Joker
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly. Besides, it was worth it to see the look on her face. Hey, you know what, I think I've got a piece in my pocket.
~ The Joker
It was a Thursday night. Things had been getting worse. I was 3 days from the bank foreclosing on my home. The Chemical Plant I worked at was about to lay off half of the workforce, and I was sitting in the hospital, holding the hand of my pregnant wife, wishing to God she wasn't dead.
~ The Joker
Probably was. Back then, though, all I knew was that if I didn't let old man Falcone's men into the plant that night, they'd a killed me too. So here's the thing. I had to decide: could I live without her? Was there any point going on? I've got to admit it, I was scared. Not of being dead, you understand?
~ The Joker
Do I look common? No, I was scared of the part just before you die. When you don't know what is about to happen. When you desperately clutching at life and trying to hold on with slippery, blood covered hands. So I need a decision right there.
~ The Joker
Ok, Pro-fess-or. I'll give you a little more. I hope you're taking notes. It's the day after and I'm standing in the freezing rain, just staring at the Chemical Plant; feeling numb. Jeannie was dead. It didn't seem real. I could remember the day I first met her. Her infectious smile as I told her bad joke after bad joke. How, even after living with the pathetic wretch I was, she still wanted my child. And then they arrived. Reality's way of yanking me another wedgie. Falcone's man told me to cheer up. He said things could get worse. I asked him how? He grabbed me by the collar, pulled me close-he'd been eating garlic and each word stank as he threatened to perform oral surgery on me with a nail and a brick. Creative guy. They hand me a box. I remember thinking it was heavy. Was it a bomb? A gun? I'd never used a gun before, where they that heavy?
~ The Joker
Ah, yes, the box. So there I was, tearing open this box, expecting the worse, and all it had in it was a crazy red dome and a cloak. I thought they were having a joke with me, but oh, no. They made me put it on. They said it was a disguise, it would keep me safe. It smelt like garlic. And that was it really. I dressed up like a spaceman, barely able to see, trying to break into the one place in this town that had given me a job. Have you ever tried to walk with an enormous fish bowl on your head? Don't answer that. It's hard. I couldn't see where I was going. I must have tripped one of the alarms. I heard muffle gunfire. I panicked and tried to run. And then I saw him.
~ The Joker
Yes, really. Batman tried to hit me, I moved out the way but, well, what you need to understand is, I had this giant bowl on my head, and I lost my balance. It's like life really. One minute everything's bad, the next, your wife's dead and your hanging on for dear life, suspended over a tank of experimental chemicals. I'm sure he'd tried to save me, but we all know he didn't. I fell. For a second, just as I hit the surface, I thought I may just get away with this.
~ The Joker
What can I say? I like to keep things interesting. A wise man once told me that if you have an origin story, you're better off making multiple choice.
~ The Joker
Hugo, you merry maniac. You were obsessed with me. You all were. Trying to get in here. Next thing, you'll tell me it wasn't you who sent old Sharpie over the edge. Nice work by the way.
~ The Joker
So, here's the thing. If you want to make sure that no one else finds out about your past, you should stop poking your nose into mine.
~ Joker explaining why he makes up his past to Hugo Strange.

Arkham Origins

Oh, life would be so simple if you were all I wanted. No - you're just a teeny little distraction - compared to what I've got up my sleeve.
~ The Joker
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, must be a bad connection. It seems you said that after I SHOT HIM, and BLEW UP A BUILDING ON HIM, THE BAT SOMEHOW SURVIVED!!
~ The Joker
Well since I know that's IMPOSSIBLE, I'm going to let you reconcile my vision of reality, with your version of reality, and in case your pea-brain can't parse big words, I'll translate it into thug-speak for you: KILL THE BAT, OR I'LL KILL YOU!
~ The Joker
Have you ever tried BURPING the National Anthem?
~ The Joker
I'm the guy with the money and the gun! So when I hire you to kill the Batman, you SHUT THE HELL UP AND KILL THE BATMAN!
~ Joker arguing with Electrocutioner
Do you have anything else to contribute... I didn't think so.
~ Joker just as he is about to kill Electrocutioner.
Mmmm! This fruitcake is fantastic! Anyone want a piece?
~ Joker to the assassins after killing Electrocutioner.
How do I want this stocking stuffer delivered alive or dead?
~ The Joker
Prisoners, meet the Batman, Batman meet the prisoners, now prisoners please kill the Batman.
~ The Joker
Well, what do you know? You did it. You took 'em all out. I should be sad, I suppose, but the truth is, I'm happy. Happier than I've been in years. How about you?"
And now, the moment you've all been waiting for I present to you, the death of the Batman!
~ The Joker as he witnesses Batman and Bane's first fight.
Jingle bells, Batman smells, Gotham's quite a mess! Blackgate's mine and you're out of time, which means you’ll soon be dead! Hahahaha!
~ The Joker
Well, I'd love to stay and celebrate your victory, but I've got stockings to stuff, mistletoe to hang - and about fifteen skyscrapers to blow up before sunrise. Ciao!
~ The Joker
Is all this for you or for me? You must know that I'm a lost cause. But there's still hopes for you. Yes. I've got great hopes for you. So c'mon, don't stop now!
~ The Joker
You just can't get it through your thick skull! WE BOTH EXIST, BECAUSE OF THEM!!
~ The Joker.
That's why you do it, isn't it? You like the way it feels. It's what you need!
~ The Joker
Come on baby! Beat me 'til your knuckles bleed... And why quit there? You know there's only one way to stop me!
~ The Joker
Good one, Bats. Oh, this is going to fun!
~ Joker after his defeat, foreshadowing his many years of fighting against Batman.

Arkham Knight

This is how it happened. This is how the Joker died.
~ The Joker in the New Game + intro
Miss me?
~ Joker come back, before he shot Batman.
Can you hear me. Bruce? Oh don't at all surprised, Bats. You knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Me, stuck deep inside you. Together we are going to give this city what it deserves. A new Batman. A better Batman. A darker, More...Well, we can come back to this later.
~ Joker explaining what he plans for Batman.
I've really got to hand it to Scarecrow. I've never been a fan of his concoctions up to now, but this batch, it's intoxicating. It really brings out the me in you.
~ Joker admitting that Scarecrow has done a good job with the toxin.
Remember Talia? Of course you do. How could you forget a girl like that! All it took was one piece of lead to end your hopes if a happily ever after. You blamed me of course, but you were wrong.
~ Joker taunts Batman with Talia's death.
Good for you, Bats! Eddie doesn't need psychiatric help. No, no, no. Beat'em up. Lock'em up. That the best medicine.
~ Joker congratulating Batman for capturing The Riddler.
Gather round kiddies Uncle Slade's got another tale from the trenches. Ask him to tell the one about the mass graves, it's a hoot!
~ The Joker makes fun of Deathstroke after his imprisonment.
Let's not fall out here, Bats. I might have told you a teeny, tiny little lie. But come on, look at the boy! You did good. We did good! You should be proud.
~ Joker admits than he not kill Jason Todd.
Oh, come on! You think you're different because you never killed anyone? Newsflash! You killed me! I was there remember? You destroyed my cure, right in front of me! Watched me choke on my last laugh. And then after killing me, you said you would've shared! You couldn't admit I'd won could you? Not even as a parting gift.....But now I'm on the inside, ooh we both know the truth. Yes, you've killed before. And tonight I'll make you do it again!
~ Joker trying to convince Batman that he can be a killer.
Such a happy couple. Shame about the kid though. Poor little Brucie never quite got over it, now die he? Well, there's no point crying over split blood. It's time to move on, kiddo, let go, take a load off, join your parents. Uncle J will take it from here.
~ Joker provokes Batman in the hallucination of Crime Halley, where Batman's parents are dead.
So, you finally lost it, eh? Finally snapped. My neck. No denying it this time. You've got the mind of a killer. And that mind is mine. It's over, Bruce. You crossed the blood-red line. And now Scarecrow's going to set me free.
~ The Joker after he managed to force Batman to break his neck in the hallucination of Crime Alley.
Joker: You know, you almost had me scared back there! Me! Haha! What have I got to be afraid of?
Batman: You're afraid of being ashes. You're afraid of being forgotten. And you will be forgotten, Joker. Because of me. I am vengeance. I am the night! I am Batman!
~ Joker fight his mortal enemy for the last time in his mind.
Joker: No, Bats, wait! (Batman lock the cell.) No please! Nooo!
Batman: Goodbye, Joker.
Joker: No, Bruce! Don't leave me! Please... I need you
~ The Joker's last words after he is finally defeated in Batman's mind, before being imprisoned in a forgotten corner of it forever.

Game Over Lines

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Hey! Someone help Bat-baby up off the floor!
Oh, I'd like to thank my fans for their undying support and the people of Gotham, who I'll be seeing very, very soon.
Gotta say, I'd thought you'd last longer.
I salute my fallen enemy!
That loser didn't stand a chance! Ha ha ha! I mean look at me!
Ohh, isn't that cute? Little Bats is sleepin'. . . . Someone finish him off.
Too easy! Played you like a violin then cut your strings! Nighty-nighty, Bats.

Titan Joker

One down. Who's next to party with me!?
Who else wants to get crazy?
Tonight, Gotham, I have defeated your dear Dark Knight. Don't be sad...YOU'RE NEXT!

Batman: Arkham City

I figured you'd have a little more fight in you. Guess I figured wrong!
Oh, Bats! I really figured you'd last longer than that!
It's ok to die, Bats. I'll be here to protect Gotham! Ha ha ha, I'll do a real good job!

Clayface Joker

Get up, Bats! Hey, you ain't looking so good!
~ Clayface-Joker
Oh, Bats! If you only knew what I have planned! You'd just die!
~ Clayface Joker
Aren't you supposed to be up on your feet and trying to stop me?
~ Clayface Joker

Batman: Arkham Origins

To Batman

Aww. Too bad. So sad!
~ Joker
Oh I'm sorry! Did I kill your friend? Oops! My bad! Haha!
~ Joker
Looks like I'm gonna need to find a new playmate. Oh and we were having so much fun, too! Hahahaha!
~ Joker
Ding dong! The bat is dead! Which old bat? The dumb old bat! Ding dong', the dumb old bat is dead! Hahahahaha!
~ Joker
Aw, I gotta say. I thought you'd have more fight in you. A LOT more fight!
~ Joker

To Deathstroke

Deathstroke? Hehehe...More like Death...Joke Hahahahah!
~ Joker
You may be the world's greatest assassin kiddo, but Joker always gets the last laugh... HAHAHAHA!
~ Joker

Batman: Arkham Knight

Downside: You're dead, but the upside? We've got each other, Bruce. Forever.
~ Joker
This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died.
~ Joker
Who's going to fight crime now? Robin? Ha ha ha!
~ Joker
What? You survive everything I threw at you only to die now, like this?
~ Joker
Bats? Bats?! BAAATS!
~ Joker
Oh Bats, you big kidder. You don't fool me. Bats? Bats?
~ Joker
That's it, Bats, play dead. We've got 'em right where we- oh, dear.
~ Joker
Oops. You're dead! Wait, does that mean I'm dead? GET UP, BRUCE, GET UP!
~ Joker
Ugh, well that's what I get for betting it all on black.
~ Joker
Now, if I was in charge this would never have happened!
~ Joker
Aw, off to see Mom and Pop at that big country club in the sky.
~ Joker
Don't head towards the light, Bruce, it's not fair, they'll never let me in!
~ Joker
I've sat through my own funeral already, now I have to go through the whole thing again?! Thanks for nothing!
~ Joker
Tsk, tsk, tsk, you should take better care of yourself, Batsy, there's two of us in there.
~ Joker
What the? Why's everything gone dark? Are we dying? We better not be dying, Bruce.
Come on, Bruce. You can't die! I didn't kill you!
Well, that's one less Gordon to worry about. At least you won't have to tell him the truth about Babs.
There goes your only lead to finding Barbara. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

A Matter of Family

Everything is in a smile.
It's a little known fact that there's a bit of Joker inside us all. Come on, kiddo! Let your Joker out!
Hey sad clown...turn that frown around.


  • The Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight who also did the voice of Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Joker in the DC Animated Universe.
    • The Joker is voiced by Troy Baker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Arkham Origins Blackgate, and Assault on Arkham, as Mark said that Arkham City (along with the incarnation of the Joker in the Batman: The Killing Joke film adaptation) was the last time he would be the Joker. Baker when voicing him in these instances did so in a similar style to Hamill.
  • The Joker is one of the two villains of the saga to appear in all four titles and play an antagonistic role against Batman, the other being the Riddler.
  • The Arkham version of the Joker seems to be a bit of a music buff:
    • When Batman confronted Joker in the penthouse of the Gotham Royal Hotel, TV sets behind him were playing the Looney Toons short: "Rabbit of Seville" with the Barber of Seville also playing in the background.
    • In one of the game over scenes for Arkham Origins, Joker sung his own version of "Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead" from The Wizard of Oz.
    • During his therapy session with Harley Quinn, the background music of the Comedy Club brawl was from The Thieving Magpie, which alluded to A Clockwork Orange. The theme played during a similar scene with several escaped inmates fighting people in an abandoned theater.
    • During the credits for Arkham City, Batman received one last pre-recorded message from Joker's cellphone: a recording of the Clown Prince of Crime singing Only You (And You Alone) by The Platters. This was referred to in Arkham Knight, as the song was playing in the background in the room where Joker 'killed' Two-Face.
    • The credits for Arkham Origins homage this: as Joker was locked back in his cell at Blackgate Prison, he sung Cold, Cold Heart by Hank Williams.
    • Interestingly, in both instances, the Joker was singing love songs, apparently to his adversary.
    • Although not sung by Joker himself, the scene in which Joker was cremated in the opening to Batman: Arkham Knight had the Frank Sinatra song: I've Got You Under My Skin playing in the background.
    • In Batman's nightmare of Joker possessing his mind and murdering all of Gotham's villains, Only You can be heard playing through an old record player. However if you shot at it, the music stopped playing.
  • In both The Road to Arkham and the comic prequel to Arkham City, Joker was shown yelling "Are we there yet?" repeatedly, and both times led to him being harmed afterwards (in the former, Batman punched him in the face hard enough to leave him groaning without taking his eyes off the wheel, and in the latter, the Arkham Asylum personnel proceeded to inflict torture on Joker in revenge for his killing 103 personnel during the events of Arkham Asylum).
  • Of all the minor tweaks to his appearance, the Joker had been given a make-up based smile to make it look like he's always smiling. This was most likely inspired by Caesar Romero's portrayal of the character, who sported the same artificial smile. Unlike most incarnations, the Arkham Joker's red lips seem to be painted on in order to give himself his trademark smile, as shown by the thicker and messier smile of Origins compared to the cleaner and thinner smile of Asylum. Arkham City showed Joker applying lipstick on himself in order to get his lips red, though at the time he was suffering heavily from the Titan infection that had ravaged his face. Assault on Arkham showed Joker without his red lips for most of the film while in his prison uniform in his cell in Extreme Incarceration at the Penitentiary.
    • The Arkham Origins flashback showed him with red lips immediately after his transformation, albeit it's unclear whether they actually were red, given the unrealistic style of the flashback.
  • Joker was the only playable character in the series who took fall damage if he fell from too great a height.
  • Two references to some of Joker's plots in different mediums were made when Harley Quinn was searching the Evidence Locker for her mallet: A clown mask and a fish with a grin, which referred to his robbery of Gotham National Bank in The Dark Knight and the events of the episode, The Laughing Fish from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • In the storyboards for the scene where Harley was trying to shoot at the Joker included in the behind-the-scenes featurette, Joker said a slightly different line from the final version. In the storyboards, Joker said: "Women! Can't live with them, can't kick them out of a moving car without them getting steamed!" In the final release, Joker said: "Women! Am I right, officer? Can't live with them, can't kick them out of a moving car!"
  • After Joker set off a cache of one of the Arkham guards' grenades and while approaching to steal his gun to kill him before "changing into something more comfortable," as well as when encountering the Suicide Squad near the laundry chute, he briefly whistled the version of "Jingle Bells" from the BTAS episode: "Christmas with the Joker."
  • The Joker is the first villain that's playable in the Batman: Arkham series, the second being Catwoman, the third being Deathstroke, the fourth being Red Hood and the fifth being Harley Quinn. He is playable in a DLC exclusive to the PS3 in Arkham Asylum and in Arkham Origin multiplayer mode.
    • However, in chronological order, the Joker is second playable villain, the first being Deathstroke.
  • The Joker is one of the only playable characters (other than Red Hood, Bane and Elite Henchmen) to grant the player the ability to certainly kill their opponents, such as gouging out their eyes, shooting them point blank in the chest with a lethal revolver, blowing them sky high with deadly explosives, and, unlike the rest of the playable characters who simply smothers their opponent until their low air supply knocks them into unconsciousness, the Joker seems to lethally choke them and strangle them till death, which is fitting due to his sociopathic and murderous personality.
  • It is revealed in Arkham Origins that most of the Joker's henchmen and hired thugs were originally mobsters in Black Mask's gang, before the Joker took over his operations. From listening to conversations between the gangsters, it can be learned that many of them are disgruntled with the way Black Mask under pays them and dispatches them for their perceived failures, preferring to work under Joker's chaotic way of doing things.
  • Joker's backstory is a reference to The Killing Joke:
    • In Asylum, when the player go to visiting center, Joker would said a joke that about how two inmates in an asylum escape (which were the last joke that he told Batman in the ending), however, he will say: 'Oh hell, you've heard that before, haven't you?', which a reference of the ending.
    • Also Joker's goal in Asylum were most likely a reference to The Killing Joke version Joker's goal. (Both version of him want to bring Batman to his side of insanely)
    • In Origins and City, Joker had told his (possible) origin backstory to Harleen Quinzel and Hugo Strange, the player can even play him in his Origins backstory.
    • In Knight, a flashback of Barbara's back being broke by The Joker were in the Joker hallucinations, which was a reference in the story, also a presumably explain of Oracle.
  • However it have a little bit different of the event of The Killing Joke:
    • In Batgirl: A Matter of Family, it was shown that Joker were first kidnapping Gordon, and later broke Batgirl's back, which cause her to become Oracle. It was unknown that how Joker try to drive Gordon mad if Barbara didn't broke her back and got taking naked photos by Joker. (It can presumably that Joker use Sarah Gordon's photos, Gordon ex-wife who killed by the Joker, to torturing Gordon's mind)
    • Interestingly, both versions of Joker were voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • In Arkham Origins, he is listed to be 6 ft 1 in, while in City and Asylum he is 6 ft. His weight is also 165 lbs in Origins not 160 lbs in previous games.
  • When visiting the Visitor Center, after the Joker's head in the TV finished talking to you, turn the camera around and after a few seconds turn it back and notice how the Joker "mannequin"'s arms change positions.
  • In Dr. Young's notes, Joker may have looked at it, but he only put his signature around himself only, not even Harley. Yet, there is a Joker smile on the Tweedledee and Tweedledum page, where regularly the Tweeds hire themselves out to Joker, most of the time.
  • Of all the minor tweaks to his appearance, the Joker has been given a make-up based smile to make it look like he's always smiling. This was most likely inspired by Cesar Romero's portrayal of the character, sporting the same artificial smile.
  • Unlike the other inmates, Joker doesn't appear to have an identifiable or decorated cell in Arkham Asylum. The only cell that could possibly be his is one found in the penitentiary, because on the wall someone has written "Welcome to my humble abode". Alternatively, he could be kept in the "Extreme Isolation" area of the Asylum, which is the one place that the player can not explore.
  • In the Joker's Carnival Challenge Map, the Joker can be seen watching the fight and joins in when the player reaches a x100 hit combo.
  • In Arkham Asylum, Joker would usually make a joke on how his henchmen get taken out. But in Arkham City, he is much more serious when he tells them someone is taken out. This only happens when Joker is being impersonated by Clayface, another clue to the trick.
  • In Arkham Asylum, Joker appeared in the "Game Over" lines in Zsasz's levels.
  • When Joker won the VGA 2011 Rewards he was holding a file with the name Batman: Arkham World and on the back Rocksteady. when he dropped it he says, "Whoops, Spoilers".
  • In Arkham Asylum, in Scarecrow`s third encounter with Batman, Joker is playable.
  • In Arkham Knight, in New Game+, the opening sequence where the Joker is cremated ends with the Joker suddenly waking up and screaming in pain before proceeding to lie back down and laugh all the way to oblivion, with him then mockingly narrating the first line of Gordon's speech.
  • Troy Baker, who voiced the Arkham Knight and Two-Face, voiced the Joker in Arkham Origins.
  • In Arkham Knight, every time the hallucination of the Joker talks, faint Joker laughter is heard.
  • The idea that the Joker reappeared in Batman: Arkham Knight as an hallucination is probably extracted from the canceled movie Batman Triumphant.
  • He's the only main villain of the Arkham games whose plans didn't threaten the world.

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