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The Clown, the Joker, the Jester

Uh, I'm gonna f**k Batman's auntie! Uhhuhu!
~ Joker

Joker is the main antagonist of Batman Feira da Fruta (Batman's Fruit Parlor), a Brazilian gag dub of an episode of the classic Batman TV series (He Met His Match, the Grisly Ghoul), which became wildly popular on the Internet.

This parody is full of juvenile jokes, showing all characters talking in slang and often swearing, Joker being no exception. He is portrayed as an old pervert who is intent on capturing Batman and removing his penis. Most of the time, he is talking to his goons, laughing and playing pranks.

As the episode begins, Joker has captured both Batman and Robin and locked them inside a truck's vault, but is forced to leave as the cops approach the scene. As Batman and Robin spend their time trying to find Joker's hideout, Joker discusses with his goons, showing them he made a formula he calls the "Lico", which can make one's penis to fall off and which he intends to use on Batman.

Later in the episode Joker and his goons accosts a group of basketball players on a high school gym, but Batman and Robin chatch up to them and a fight ensues. Joker uses the Lico on Batman, but it doesn't work as Batman reveals he's actually a eunuch, so they all end captured.

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