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Joker is the secondary antagonist of the 1989 German novel Felidae, and its 1994 animated film adaptation of the same name. He is Claudandus' right-hand cat and the leader of the Claudandus Sect.

He was voiced by the late Ulrich Wildgruber in the German version, and Christopher Plummer in the English dubbed version.


He was a highly religious cat who was very loyal to Claudandus and demanded terrible sacrifices for his cats. He was the one who spread the word about the Felidae project, while Claudandus handled the scientific aspects. It was implied that he was one of the many cats who was in the lab run by Dr. Preterius.

While Francis is trying to solve the murder mystery, he wakes up and finds a group of cats electrocuting themselves under Joker. However, the ceremony was interrupted by Francis and Joker spots him. Joker orders his cats to capture and kill Francis, but Francis escapes and accidentally falls into Felicity's home.

After meeting Jesajah, Francis assumed that Joker was the secret murderer. However, before he could be brought to justice, Claudandus executed him in order to prevent him from revealing his secrets. Francis and Bluebeard find his corpse on the shelf and realizes that Claudandus is still alive.


  • His name is based off the Joker from the Batman franchise.
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