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The Legion of Doom used to stand for something: top tier evil. But now, they’ll let in any, say... second rate clown with a cheap dye job. The Legion is no more. Gotham, you deserve better, someone with vision, someone who speaks French, moi of course. I'm calling it!: RIP Gotham City, time of death... Right now!
~ The Joker rising to power.
No! No! Are you shi--ing me! What is wrong with you?! Don't you think I would have done that had I wanted to?! Half the fun of our relationship was the mystery! Now I know Batman is just some boring, rich a--hole with parental issues!
~ The Joker furious response to Scarecrow unmasking Batman.

The Joker is the main antagonist of the adult animated series Harley Quinn. He is the main antagonist of Season 1, and a major character of Season 2.

He is Gotham City's greatest criminal, Batman's arch-nemesis and the partner turned arch-rival of the titular main protagonist Harley Quinn, whom he never treated as his equal, before finally abandoning her to Arkham Asylum, which led Harley to become an independent villain and prove to herself that she is better than the Joker. Eventually, he becomes even more ruthless than he already is in his attempts at "getting back" at Harley.

He is voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also voiced Lenny in Ice Age, Turbo in Wreck-It Ralph, the Duke of Weselton in Frozen, Duke Weaselton in Zooptopia, Ludo in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and Iago in the 2019 remake of Aladdin.


Joker: What is wrong with me?
Batman: You're a sociopathic narcissist.
Joker: It was rhetorical, assh*le!
~ Joker and Batman.

Joker is a sadistic psychopath who loves to kill, torture and abuse people. He is also extremely rude to his own allies. According to Batman and Harley, Joker is a sociopathic narcissist.

He is very arrogant and has an oversized ego, refusing to let Harley leave him for the simple reason that he is Gotham's greatest criminal, and that this gives him the right to decide for her, even daring to say that it is he who creates her. After that, he has never lost a moment when he could have to discount her to the lowest level.

When learned Batman's true identity as a billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, he doesn't feel to want to torture or killing him anymore due to wanting WayneTech's electric car and money.

Harley: So you gonna give up the criminal life? Go to PTA meetings and go for ice cream?
Joker: Heavens no! Little Leticia is lactose intolerant. Plus plenty of fathers are serial killers. I'm not giving it up. I just found a
better reason for killing.
~ Joker decides to balance his old and new lives.

However, a key difference with this version of Joker is that he can actually feel love. He admits that he feels a form of love for Harley, though in this case, Joker views it as a weakness, and he attempts to rid himself of this weakness by turning Harley back to normal so she can get out of his life. Then, when Joker loses his memories, he spends several months living a new identity, and during that time, he meets a woman and starts a family. Despite regaining his memories, the time he spent with his family has come to change him, and he grows to feel actual, genuine love for his wife and his adopted kids. Though he does not stop his criminal life, he still decides to stay with his family and live with them.


Season 1

Til Death Do Us Part

As Gotham's unscrupulous wealthy celebrates their greed, Harley Quinn disembarks and demands that they give her their ticket mountains but they aim her with their guns, declaring that she should not have coming here on her own until that the Joker does reveal himself after posing as the captain of the ship, which he had literally put on the face.

The Joker then proceeds to the massacre of the rich, while Harley expresses her dream of becoming a great villain and being part of the Legion of Doom. The Joker mocks her ambition and dismisses her as "only a sidekick," this which Harley finds very offensive and insulting. Batman then arrives to confront the two bad guys until the Joker flee into a submarine while promising Harley that if she is sent to Arkham, he will return for her. He does not keep his promise, however, and Harley remains locked up in Arkham for a year.

In his lair, Joker watches the news about the escape of Harley, Poison Ivy and Riddler, who is called Gotham's funniest villain; this angers the Joker to the point that he shoots his TV. Harley then shows up and then declares that she has had enough of his lies, and breaks up with him. Joker uses reverse psychology to make Harley believe that he had abandoned him for the protégé of Batman who attacked everyone he loved (Of course another lie), which pushes Harley to return to him.

Later, Joker continues his vendetta against Riddler. Harley offers to watch a movie with Reese Witherspoon if she kills the Riddler. Joker accepts but is still upset when he learns that the film is Sweet Home Alabama. Unfortunately, Harley gets captured with Batman by Riddler and gets suspended above an acid tank.

Riddler then invites Joker to his lair where he offers the Clown Prince of Crime to choose be the life of Harley or Batman. Refusing to let the Riddler have the honor of killing Batman, Joker chooses his old enemy and abandons Harley once again to her fate, before being chased by Batman out of the den.

Finally enough of the Joker's abuse, Harley confronts him at home, finally realizing that he never loved her and leaving him for good. The Joker declares that she can never break up with him because he is Gotham's biggest villain. The Joker orders his goons to kill Harley, but she beats them all and destroys the lair. She then vows to him that she will take his place as Gotham's greatest villain.

A High Bar

In the Hall of Doom kitchen, Joker has coffee with Bane and Scarecrow, who try to console him about Harley leaving. He laughs and says that he doesn't care, although his hand tremor seems to indicate that he is very upset.

On the ruins of his lair, Joker is angry that the construction manager asks him for a permit when no one is expected to know where he should be. Bane then calls to tell him that Harley is at the Penguin's nephew's Bar Mitzvah; angered, the Joker heads over there immediately.

Finding Harley at the table with Bane, Scarecrow, and Two-Face, Joker tells his former henchgirl to leave. Harley tries to encourage the three bad guys to rally to her, but the Joker bullies them until they (reluctantly) side with him, and Harley leaves, dejected.

Harley ruins the Bar Mitzvah by robbing a nearby bank, which the Penguin had filled with "play money" for his nephew. The Joker takes advantage of the opportunity to belittle her, telling her that she will never be anything but a sidekick; he then threatens to kill her unless she admits that she is nothing without him. Harley refuses, so the Joker orders his men to kill her. When he sees Bane beating up Kite Man, the Joker orders him to stop fooling around and deal with Harley and Ivy.

Harley asks Bane and the other villains why they let the Joker talk to them like that, and says that they have no reason to fear him, as he has no superpowers and he only intimidates others to get what he wants. Bane and the others realize she is right, and turn their backs on the Joker. Exasperated, the Joker decides to kill Harley himself, but is interrupted by a phone call from the contractors rebuilding his lair. He says he has to leave to deal with a construction problem, but promises Quinn he will deal with her later.

So You Need A Crew?

Joker and his goons infiltrate a Russian weapons transport train that Harley was already trying to rob and steal the weapons by using the three keys simultaneously for unlocking the door. Harley criticizes him that he only succeeded because he has minions at his command. Joker denies this before ironically and mockingly ordering his goons to throw Harley off the train.

Devil's Snare

It is later revealed that Joker is working with Scarecrow and the Queen of Fables to overthrow the Legion of Doom and take over Gotham. He had Scarecrow bait Ivy into coming to a power plant she intends to destroy, gas her to unconsciousness, and drain her of her pheromones. Scarecrow would then mix them with his fear gas to mutate the trees in Gotham into savage monsters, and have them run rampant across Gotham, slaughtering several innocents. When the Justice League (without Batman) arrive, the Joker has the Queen of Fables trap them in her book and try to kill Harley and her crew (Queen of Fables has them sent up a beanstalk to a fairy tale giant's castle, but Kite-Man saves them). Joker also has his newly built tower rise through the Legion of Doom headquarters, destroying it and likely killing all of the Legion members who were there. Eventually, when Ivy takes the combination of her pheromones and Scarecrow's gas to mutate herself into a giant (but still in control) and destroys the tree monsters, Joker fires a harpoon through Ivy's chest just as she and Harley repaired their friendship, seemingly killing her, and laughs at Harley from his lair.

The Final Joke

Batman and Harley fail at their plan to work together to take out Joker because of her henchman Clayface's stupidity. Joker gasses Batman to unconsciousness, and kidnaps Harley's crew, placing a bounty on Harley's head to have her brought to him. For the next week, with no superheroes to stop him, Joker rules Gotham like a tyrant, killing those who don't laugh at his jokes, and torturing Harley's crew and Batman.

Joker gets bored and kills Scarecrow after he unmasks Batman as Bruce Wayne, much to Joker's bewilderment. Harley shows up at his door and threatens to kill herself if Joker doesn’t release her crew. He lets them go, but mainly out of spite and that she doesn’t want her to die on her own terms. He demands that he puts her old outfit on when she was with him or he will kill her crew. He tried to seduce her one last time, even saying he needed her more than she needed him. Harley intended to stab him when they came close together. She does, but Joker does too. They fight with Joker winning, and saying that he does not intend to kill Harley, but to erase her completely. His men take her into the vat of acid that she came out of before the show’s events, and says that this acid will not only take away her enhanced abilities, but will also erase her memories as Harley Quinn.

Harley jumps into the vat, only to be saved by Poison Ivy, who was regenerated by being buried in soil. The two manage to defeat Joker and throw him into the vat, but out of one last act of spite, he activates bombs to level Gotham City, nearly killing Harley and Ivy before Batman saved them both.

Season 2

All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues

Months after the events of the first season, the Joker is found working at Noonan's bar, but with normal features and no memory of his past as the Joker. At the end of the episode, however, he laughs maniacally at a funny photo of his girlfriend's children, who are covered in sauce (which resembles blood), hinting that he will return to being the Joker eventually. His first meeting with Harley is shown, where he (likely) fakes a dramatic backstory for Harley and ends up kidnapping her, but being thwarted by Poison Ivy.

Dye Hard

Depressed due to having her romantic feelings rejected by Ivy, Harley goes to a fancy bar where "Normal" Joker just happens to be working due to Noonan's likely being too unsafe due to the Parademons Harley released. The two end up bound together and are forced to work together in order to survive some armed goons attempting to rob the place. While "Normal" Joker initially dislikes having to fight, he is forced to stab a goon through the eye with a pencil (referencing Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight) and laughs madly after doing so, revealing traces of the Joker beneath. Fleeing from Dr. Psycho's force field together with him and Commissioner Gordon, Harley takes Joker to Ace Chemicals and throws him into acid once more due to needing the real Joker's memories back to stop Psycho and his Parademons.

A Fight Worth Fighting For

The acid has worked and Joker is back to normal. He works together with Harley after she threatens to make his head explode with bombs she apparently planted in his head. He is seemingly horrified when he discovers how normal and good he has been lately. He goes to his girlfriend's house, but after she discovers him being the Joker and due to his words and actions, she angrily throws the book the Justice League is trapped in and a Parademon grabs it instead. Joker and Harley go to the Parademons' nest, where Joker mocks Harley for not being with Ivy. However, surprisingly, he admits he actually loves his girlfriend and her kids and Harley ends up encouraging him to try again and get back with them. With her and Batman's help, he successfully reconciles with his girlfriend and gets the book back.

Lover's Quarrel

Joker first witnesses the fight between Harley and a Ivy mentally controlled, claiming that violence was a habit for him and Harley as well. Later, he watches Doctor Psycho’s mental broadcast of Ivy and Harley having sex, obviously enjoying it and laughing


TV Presenter: The authorities are still on the hunt for escaped Arkham inmates Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Gotham's funniest villain, The Rid...[Shooting in the TV]
Joker: Screw that guy! Name someone funnier than me, Stan.
Stan: Harley?
Joker: What? No! Sta...Women aren't funny! [He shoots on Stan]
Stan: She's standing behind you.
Joker: Oh, hey, Harley. Ragweed.
Harley: That's it? Just "Hey, Harley"? You left me in Arkham for a year! You abandoned me, you lied to me! But this is the last time. I am here to break up with you!
Stan: Oh, shit! She's dumpin' you.
Joker: No, she's not! She doesn't call the shots!
Harley: Yeah, 'cause I'm callin' a cab. See ya never.
Joker: Oh, shit.
~ Joker meeting Harley a year after leaving her to rot in Arkham.
Joker: Oh, uh, thank goodness. She's finally doing exactly what I prayed she would.
Harley: What?
Poison Ivy: Oh, for fuck's sake.
Joker: Much as it destroys me to say it, Harley, I was going to insist on breaking up, because it's the only way to keep you safe.
Harley: What the hell are you talkin' about?
Poison Ivy: Yes, no, please continue with your bullshit.
Joker: The world's gone mad since you've been in Arkham. Have you seen Commissioner Gordon? He's lost it. He wants revenge because I "paralyzed" his "partner." He and Batman are hell-bent on destroying everyone I care about.
Harley: That's why you didn't come get me?
Joker: Keeping you away from me was the only way to protect you. And still is. So, I'm afraid, my dear, this is a...Oh, it's a heartbreaking goodbye.
Harley: Uh, no, no wait!
Poison Ivy: No! No "wait". This is what you wanted, Harley!
Harley: Is it?
Poison Ivy: It is, yes. You came here to do this.
Joker: Yes! Listen to your awful friend.
Harley: So, this is really the end?
Poison Ivy: Yep. This is it. Let's go.
Joker: Unless...
Harley: Unless what?
Joker: Unless our love is so powerful even the threat of death can't keep us apart. Oh, screw it! I'll die for you any day. I'm in!
Harley: Really? Me too!
~ Joker brings Harley back to him with insincere lies.
Joker: So you don't have a riddle so funny it makes people's brains explode?
Riddler: No.
Joker: I knew it!
Batman: You won't get away with this, Riddler.
Harley: If there's no riddle, why are we here?
Riddler: To play a little game. Choose one to live and one to die and in the acid, the loser will fry.
Harley: Is it the good kind of acid that gives you super powers?
Riddler: No. Choose!
Harley: Aw... Go ahead. Tell him, Mistah J! Deep fry that bat.
Joker: Yes, well, yes, yes. It would seem an easy choice, Harley, but... [Joker stars to laugh]
Harley: Puddin'? Even for you that's a lot of maniacal giggling.
Joker: Sorry, my little strung-up pheasant, but I couldn't possibly let this punctuation prick...
Riddler: Hey!
Joker: ...Get credit for k*ll*ing Batman, now, could I? Free the bat, drop the broad.
~ Joker chooses Batman over Harley, unaware that it was a trick by Poison Ivy.
Joker: I need a permit for a trap door? The whole point is no one is supposed to know about it! Especially the City. I need this lair rebuilt now. [Cell phone ringing] Knock, knock, who's there? It's me, Joker.
Bane: You will never guess who's at the bar mitzvah.
Joker: Jesus, Bane! I don't have time for a guessing game. Hang on. [To the workers] Those shoes have black soles! Put plastic booties on.
Bane: Harley is at Penguin's nephew's bar mitzvah.
Joker: She crashed the stupid thing?
Bane: Yeah, seems like she's doing pretty well. Brought a tiger. Pretty cool.
Joker: What? Anyone can buy a tiger. You know she has HPV, right?
Bane: Most sexually active adults do.
Joker: Shut up! I'm on my way.
~ Joker to Bane.
Harley: Glad you're here, J-Man. Pull up a chair. Doesn't bother me. So, who's goin' beef and who's goin' chicken?
Joker: You are going somewhere else. Because this is the Legion of Doom table! Why don't you go find the Crazy Bitch table?
Bane: Spoiler: It's not a real table.
~ Joker incrusting himself only to demean Harley.
Joker: So, I want to build a giant tower with my face on it. Loving this. My quote unquote "mouth" opens up...Boom! Reveals a giant TV. What's on it? Me! I open with a joke, threaten Gotham, you get the rest. I need 800 million, but I can do it for six.
Scarecrow: Six hundred million! I mean, that's a bargain.
Bane: I... I'm still trying to get a chair.
Lex Luthor: Shall we move to approve? Harley?
Harley : I don't get it.
Joker: You don't... Get it?
Harley: Well, for starters, why do you need a tower? Right? If you want to get on TV, why don't you just take over the airwaves like everybody else?
Joker: Because everyone else has already done it. Fucking Bane's done it.
Bane: Yeah, I done it.
Harley: Okay, well then, why not just take over an existing tower? Why are we building a new tower?
Joker: Because a regular tower doesn't have a fire pole that goes from top to the bottom, that's why.
Scarecrow: That's a bit garish, innit? Why do you need that?
Joker: Because I'm the Joker!
~ Joker during the Legion of Doom meeting.
(Laughs) She's still limber.
~ Joker
You wanna know how I got these emotional scars?
~ Joker to Harleen Quinzel.




  • This version of the Joker is much more of a bully than his comic book counterpart, as he takes pleasure in intimidating his fellow villains, especially Bane. He is also much less affable and willing to boss them around. Because of this, the show treats the way he treats his fellow villains more seriously than normal.
  • In addition to the above, he's much more petty as shown during his attempts at getting back at Harley. He also goes as far as to kill Scarecrow after the latter unmasks Batman although that was because, as with most incarnations, he desires to be the one who finds out.
  • He hates raisins.
  • Unlike other incarnations, this Joker doesn't have a pointy nose and doesn't wear gloves.
  • Part of his origin story seems to have been revealed in Season 2; it seems that he was a caring man toward his girlfriend and her children before he became the Joker. However, it is still unknown what ended up happening that made him become the villain that he is.
  • This Joker is much more prone to profanity as a result of the show's setting.
  • In a flashback of Harley's origin, the Joker resembled his Nolanverse incarnation until in the present, he resembles his classic incarnation.
    • Even directly parodying a line said by his Nolanverse incarnation: "You wanna know how I got these (emotional) scars?".

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