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They all said I was sick in the head. They said I needed help. Well, maybe I am a bit... batty! Blame it on the bats in my belfry! (maniacal laugh)
~ The Joker swearing revenge on Batman.
All it takes is one rotten day to transform a normal man into a MONSTER! ...Well, in my case, a rotten day and a chemical bath. (maniacal laugh)
~ Joker on his origins.

Joker is the main antagonist of the cartoon show The Batman and the arch-nemesis of Batman.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also played Goro in Mortal Kombat, Carlton Duquesne in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Ian the Gator in The Princess and the Frog, Black Samurai in Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword, Chairman Drek in Ratchet & Clank, Satan Claus in Kim Jong Un vs. Christmas, Floronic Man in Batman and Harley Quinn, Prince John in House of Mouse, Lester Krinklesac in The Cleveland Show, Captain Gantu in Lilo & Stitch, Sarevok Anchev in Dungeons & Dragons: Baldur's Gate, Trigon in Teen Titans Go!, Skulker in Danny Phantom, Tartarus in Halo 2, Temutai in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Doug the Pimple in Family Guy, Crunch Bandicoot in Crash Bandicoot, Shredder in the 2012 animated reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold in Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, Skulker in Danny Phantom, and Deebo in Friday: The Animated Series.


In this series, he is only referred to as simply "Joker" and never as "the Joker". He had wild green hair, red eyes, dark red lips, and a milky blue tongue. Joker wanted to stage an opera and it was implied his parents never paid much attention to him. Joker worked as a nice office drone who simply wanted to make people laugh. Sadly he fell into a vat of chemicals, which bleached his skin, dyed his hair, and drove him to insanity. In his first few appearances, his costume consists of a purple sleeved straitjacket, blue pants, fingerless gloves, and bare feet. Later in the series, he regressed back to the more traditional garb of a purple suit and spats, but still had wild hair and wore no shoes, save one episode (which had mechanical stilts concealed in them). Joker also moves and fights with a monkey-like style, using his feet as dexterously as his hands, and often hangs from the walls and ceilings.

Whilst it can be argued that this version of the Clown Prince of Crime more resembles the colorful, comic relief character featured in the comics of the 1950s and 1960s, he is still a highly dangerous, knowledgeable, and cruel character. Whilst most of his crimes are silly and prank-like in nature, they can still be legitimately destructive. He treats each of his crimes like an elaborate joke designed to make his victims literally die laughing (but he fails to kill anyone in this show). Due to his unpredictable nature, bizarre appearance, and unnerving instinct for the absurd he has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham.

He believes himself to be inextricably linked to the Batman, and considers him to be his favorite sparring partner and opponent - he says their relationship is "like comedy and tragedy. two sides, same coin". His weapons include his signature Joker venom (called "Joker Gas" in the series), razor-sharp playing cards, grenades with Joker smiles on them, and a bomb shaped like a Jack-in-the-Box. One of his most famous crimes was creating the supervillain Clayface. Joker captured and tortured detective Ethan Bennet, in order to drive him mad, he exposed Bennet to "Joker putty" a deadly chemical he created which mutated Bennet transforming him into the shape-shifting monster Clayface. As Clayface, Bennet would attempt to get revenge on Joker many times. It is possible that this incarnation of the Joker has an origin similar to The Killing Joke, as he mentions having always wanted to make people laugh, in a flashback to his origins he is shown wearing red clothes after emerging from the chemicals suggesting at the very least a red hood origin. It is also hinted that Joker will one day cripple Batgirl as in The Killing Joke, as Barbara Gordon is shown to be confined to a wheelchair in the future. He also maintains a rivalry with the Penguin for the title of Gotham's greatest criminal. In one episode, there's a near almighty version of Joker, Joker 2.0, who is presumably based on Emperor Joker.

This Joker has often switched from a prankster-like clown to be a much darker homicidal psychopath. Sometimes he would simply intend to cause relatively harmless mischief such as messing up statues with Joker putty, pranking people with Donnie, or throwing coins into a water fountain with Harley. Sometimes he will get more dangerous to the point wherein "Joker Express" he fills deaminate in Gotham and attempts to blow them up to make Gotham fall into a sinkhole. Despite his rivalry with Batman, he was shown respect for his abilities and even saved him from Wrath and Scorn so they could keep fighting.


At Arkham Asylum, Joker released the inmates and even poisoned one of the workers with Joker Venom, but he was later cured. Joker encountered Batman at the asylum as the Dark Knight was shocked to see him. They fought but Joker escaped, planning to spread his deadly laughing gas all around the city. While on his blimp, he fought Batman and was nearly knocked off the edge, he then landed in the ocean and finally captured by the police.

Later, he escaped Arkham Asylum, and was now wielded with a laser-like gun which could transform people into human-sized playing cards. With this, his new goal was to execute those who "did him wrong". Batman confronted him and saved his captives, finally defeating Joker with his own weapon and sent him back to the asylum.

Joker and his two goons named Punch and Judy, later used a weapon which melted anything. He robbed a bank and escaped the police, finally heading to a Statue which he melted. The Detectives and Batman fought him and his goons, but he once again escaped. Batman soon confronted him when he captured Detective Ethan Bennett during his attempt to drive him insane like him by destroying his mind. Joker used a smiling shield to help him fight Batman but Batman knocked him out with a punch. It is later revealed that the gas from his weapon caught Ethan; thus transforming him into Clayface.

Joker briefly stopped being a villain and became a vigilante, even dressing like Batman wanting to mock his style. However, while Joker actually did punished people who committed crimes most of them were minor crimes. For example, gassing a jaywalker, a man who litters(the litterbug merely missing the can), cops for "speeding", a lady for driving three blocks with her turn signal on, the mayor's wife for having 11 items in a 10 item check-out line, and attempting to gas two girls using "graffiti' (actually chalk which Joker didn't realize due to being insane) before being stopped by Batman. Joker told the mayor Gotham will pay dearly if they pay him 1 million dollars to Joker as payment for him becoming a vigilante.

Joker injected Batman with venom that would kill him in 24 hours due to laughing too much. Joker did attempt to do one genuinely heroic act by stopping Penguin from stealing eggs from the museum. Batman arrived and he and Joker more or less work together to stop Penguin. Batman manages to cure himself and then reverts Joker back to his original personality with a joke.

The evil clown escapes once again after being attacked by Clayface and finds Detective Ethan Bennett which he planned to drop from a building to kill. Bennett is then revealed to be Clayface and tries to murder Joker however Batman interferes which allows Joker to escape. The clown is then seen committing robberies but he fights Clayface and Batman comes to capture Clayface successfully but Joker escapes.

Joker pirates the airwaves of Gotham in order to broadcast his crimes on TV as entertainment to his audience. Ellen Ying soon has a new partner, Cash Tankinson, who Joker captures and has him as his latest "co-star". Joker also gasses both the Mayor and Cash Tankinson with Joker Venom and planned to kill them but Joker was arrested with Batman's help and the hostages were saved.

Joker kidnaps Detective Ellen Yin to get revenge on Batman and ties her to a jack-in-the-box that will explode in 8 hours. Batman apprehends the clown taking him to Arkham, with Joker refusing to tell the police where Yin is. Then, both Batman and Hugo Strange go into his insane mind with a device made by Strange to try and find out where she is. They found out that Joker had his own Gotham City within his own mind filled with copies of himself, and from there, he planned on driving the two completely insane and breaking their minds. Batman encountered Jack Napier, who worked in Joker's Idea Factory, but he was disposed of when he secretly told Batman some clues to find Yin. Joker cut through the floor with a saw and made him fall into a vat of chemicals, before Joker then came up and said "water's warm Batman, dive in.". He then went to the opera where Joker and a large crowd of Joker's attacked him. Batman soon become laughing uncontrollably into insanity, but Alfred Pennyworth helped him and Batman eventually managed to get Joker into his mind thanks to learning it was a two-way transmitter. Batman then managed to find Ellen Yin and saved her before the jack-in-the-box could explode.

Joker, Penguin, and Riddler battle control over Gotham. They then do a deal, saying anyone who is able to capture and unmask Batman will be able to control Gotham City. Towards the end, Joker and Penguin confronted Riddler and his goons and they eliminated his Riddlemen then turned their attention to Riddler. Batman soon arrived to defeat each one of them. Batman defeated Joker by throwing an Explosive Batarang at the pipes he was underneath, destroying them, and caused the pipes to fall on Joker, knocking him out. He is then arrested alongside the other two.

Later, Joker, Penguin, and Scarface are shown as members of Hugo Strange's therapy session. Joker says he can't hear the voices in his head.

Joker later stole Bane's Venom because he wants to become stronger and more powerful than Batman. The Clown Prince of Crime easily defeated Batgirl at the Circus and then robbed the gold ball which is Gotham's new Landmark. GCPD Officers blockade the streets and attempt to get the gold ball back from him but Joker simply threw the ball at them. Joker then fought Batman, who tried to destroy the venom several times but failed as Joker was too powerful. Alfred Pennyworth sent in the Bat-Bot as backup to help defeat "Brawn". Batgirl used the Bat-Bot to fight Joker but was nearly destroyed and Joker took Batman to another location where he'll die. Batgirl used the Bat-Bot once again against the crazed clown. Joker's venom was destroyed and he turned back to normal. Joker still claimed to be bigger than Batgirl, Batman then said he isn't bigger than him and knocked him out with a punch to the face.

When a rare Black Siberian is stolen, Batman and Batgirl suspect Catwoman is responsible. However, Joker is the true thief and brings the cats to Killgore Steed. It is a maze of doom filled with dangerous creatures, so Joker forces them to run for their lives. The three become successful in escaping alive and ultimately defeat the Clown Prince of Crime once again. Joker also ends up betraying Killgore by gassing him with Joker Venom.

With Batman having his sidekick, Joker becomes jealous and wants a sidekick too. So he recruits a school prankster who calls himself Prank by tying his teacher to a flagpole. He and Prank bomb the streets with giant gumballs and Joker orders him to kill Batgirl with it, but he refuses to kill. Joker then attempts to throw him in a Vat of Chemicals in order to give him the courage to kill and create another Joker. Batman and Batgirl though find them and rescue Prank from him. Joker tries to get them into the chemicals with a gun, but Prank knocks him out and it is revealed that it was a false gun.

Joker alongside Punch and Judy head to a factory where he plans to infect every dog in Gotham with Joker Venom. Although Clayface is revealed to be his henchmen and helps Batman capture Joker while sending himself into Arkham. Joker later appears playing Chess with Bassil Karlo and tells him that he still has some of his Clayface powers which were proven true.

After Harleen Quinzel is fired from her job, Joker recruits her into becoming Harley Quinn. The two have a night of fun together before Joker helps her try and get revenge on the people responsible for firing her. In a resulting explosion that knocks out Quinn, Joker escapes and Quinn is captured but she still remains with him after he sends her an affectionate message telling her to keep smiling.

Like many other criminals, Joker is captured by Rumor and is later taken down by Batman and Robin alongside Harley. Joker was the reason why the criminals were captured as he injured Rumor's boss in a previous incident, and Rumor blamed Batman for not arriving in time.

As The Joining invade Earth, Joker, Penguin, Bane, and Mr. Freeze team up with the police and assist them in destroying the alien forces, with Joker stating he only gets to cause terror in Gotham and exclaims the town has gone mad upon seeing Gordon and Mr. Freeze work together.

Joker becomes the Conductor of a Train and uses its lights to manipulate others, making them have tortured and uncontrollable laughter and commit crimes by stealing things and placing it on Joker's ship. Joker plans to escape the city once and for all with many valuables before finally blowing it up with many Dynamite causing it to fall into a sink-hole below. The three heroes manage to steal the battery of the detonator to prevent the explosion and defeat him again.

While on a scheme to get rich, one of Joker's henchmen, Marty Slacker, creates a duplicate of Joker by downloading his mind into a computer. Joker 2.0 is then created with WayneTech's nanobots and is more dangerous than his original. Joker is turned on by his clone though Joker 2.0 is eventually defeated and Joker alongside his henchmen is apprehended.

Two criminals are known as Wrath and Scorn plan to end Batman and Robin by helping criminals. They helped Joker steal money and alongside Killer Croc, the Ventriloquist, and Penguin were told they will help them defeat Batman. Though the two know his secret identity and finally end him while they are in custody, Joker infects them with laughing gas to stop them from talking and claims he will be the only one to end Batman as he escapes with Harley.

Some point afterward Joker was captured offscreen and returned to Arkham Asylum. When Batman, Robin, and Green Arrow go there to confront Hugo Strange about working with the Joining, they quickly pass by Joker's cell where he simply looks back and smiles knowing he will escape once again.

The Batman vs. Dracula

The Joker now becomes a vampire.

Joker serves as a major antagonist in the movie. Joker first escapes from Arkham Asylum in search of treasure. Joker tricks Penguin into thinking they will work together to find the treasure, he shocks Penguin with his joy-buzzer and runs off. After a fight with Batman, Joker falls into a river and seemingly gets electrocuted to death, much to Batman's horror and sadness.

Joker survived though. He met Penguin at Gotham Cemetary. Joker thought Penguin was hiding the treasure. Joker knocks Penguin out and discovers Dracula sleeping, despite Penguin warning him not to in an attempt to save him. Joker then got bitten by Dracula and became a vampire. His hair turned white, his eyes turned bluish-white, and his clothes were affected as well. Unlike all the other vampires, however, he retained his individuality and his speech as well as gaining vampiric superhuman strength and speed. Nevertheless, he is still incapable of betraying Dracula's resting place. Joker went to a Blood Bank and drank a lot of blood up. Joker then fought Batman. Joker was defeated and taken back to the Batcave.

Joker initially suffered due to not getting any blood. Batman then gave Joker some of his own blood to help Joker. Batman managed to find a cure and revert Joker back to normal. As a side effect, Joker didn't remember anything after his meeting with Penguin outside of Dracula's resting place. Joker asks Batman is he dreaming but Batman says, "No. Just insane". Joker is sent to Arkham Asylum shortly after.


  • The Bat in the Belfry
  • Topsy Turvy
  • The Rubberface of Comedy
  • The Clayface of Tragedy
  • The Laughing Bat
  • Meltdown
  • JTV
  • Strange Minds
  • Night and the City
  • A Fistful of Felt
  • Brawn
  • The Laughing Cats
  • The Apprentice
  • Team Penguin (Cameo on photo and on the Batcomputer)
  • Clayfaces
  • Two of a Kind
  • Rumors
  • The Joining Part 2
  • Joker Express
  • The Metal Face of Comedy
  • The End of The Batman
  • Lost Heroes Part 1 (cameo)
  • The Batman vs. Dracula


  • Joker Venom: Joker's Venom and Gases will make victims start laughing and get a large Joker-like grin before becoming paralyzed. The Mayor, Cash Tankinson and an unnamed Arkham Asylum worker were cured and saved from this.
  • Joy Buzzer: Joker used a deadly Joy Buzzer which he knocked out Penguin and Robin with. He almost killed himself with one after falling into a river but he survived.
  • Razor Cards: Regular looking joker cards which is capable of cutting through flesh. Joker used them as shurikens and knives.
  • Boxing Glove Arm: A spring-loaded arm with a Boxing Glove which Joker used to knock out victims with.
  • Custom Explosives: Explosives which are painted in green and purple as well as having Joker's face on it. He used them as grenades.
  • Putty Gun: A gun with specialized liquid which could turn anything or anyone into putty. This transformed Detective Ethan Bennett into Clayface.
  • Card Gun: A gun which can shoot lasers to imprison victims in life-sized playing cards.
  • Jack N' The Box: Jack N' The Boxes can rather launch out Jacks or explode which is capable of destroying bridges.
  • Mallet: A mallet which Joker used in an attempt to kill Batman in anger.
  • Blimp: Joker used two Blimps to fly over Gotham. One was filled with Joker Gas.
  • Smiley Face: A shield which Joker used in combat against Batman.
  • Spinning Wheel: A specialized spinning wheel which Joker used to drive Ethan Bennett insane.
  • Batman's Gadgets: Joker had a Batsuit, Utility Belt, Batarangs and Batropes during his night of impersonating Batman.
  • Spring Shoes: Spring Shoes which Joker used in one of his robberies and his attempt to kill Clayface/Ethan Bennett.
  • Bane's Venom: Joker stole some of Bane's Venom to gain superhuman strength and growth. This made him as, if not even more powerful than Bane at full power.
  • Gumball Machine: A machine which launched life-sized gumballs which caused police officers to stick to buildings. Joker attempted to kill Batgirl with it by tying her to one of the gumballs and launching it but she was rescued by Batman.
  • Shovel: A shovel which Joker used against Batman.
  • Train: A train which Joker used in one of his schemes.
  • Explosive Pie: A pie with a grenade within it.
  • Wrist-Mounted Rocket: A rocket which Joker used in his attempt to steal a weapon capable of destroying structures with loud sounds. As Batman stopped Joker, the rocket accidentally injured a civilian.
  • Ice Cream Van: An Ice Cream Van which Joker used as his personal vehicle.
  • Unidentified Gas: An unidentified gas which Joker used to rather knock out the police officers during one of his kidnappings of the Mayor.
  • Fire Engine: A fire engine which was filled with Joker's deadly gas. Joker used it in an attempt to assassinate the Mayor but Batman stopped him.


  • Bat in the Belfry: Joker infected one of Arkham Asylum's workers with Joker Venom and then intended to gas the entire city with it. This failed as Batman had him arrested and disposed of the deadly gases.
  • Topsy Turvy: Joker had various victims captured so he could trap them in giant life-sized playing cards then he planned to later kill them. He also had an old person disguised as him who carried it out and threatened to hurt him if he talked. The victims were saved with Batman defeating Joker again.
  • The Rubberface of Comedy: With a new weapon, Joker broke into and robbed a Bank, changed the face of Gotham's new statue and stole a piece of art which he later used as a shield. He then broke the mind of Detective Ethan Bennett who he later wanted to kill but accidentally turned him into Clayface. He was later defeated by the Dark Knight after once again trying to kill him.
  • The Laughing Bat: Joker mocked the Caped Crusader as he now dressed up as Batman and started punishing "criminals" who committed minor crimes. He attack various people with Joker Venom including a small-time criminal for a one time offense, an old lady for having her red light on while driving, a man for littering, and the Mayor's wife for buying too much. He then attempted to attack two young girls for "graffiti" but was stopped. Joker later injected Batman with another version of Joker Venom which will give him 24 hours to live until he dies laughing. But Batman was cured and Joker was turned back to his old way after his defeat.
  • Meltdown: Joker began his robberies and stole many valuables until encountering Ethan Bennett. Joker stole his jacket and sadistically tried to kill him by throwing him off a building. Joker then completely made Bennett go insane and turn to a life of crime. Joker even manages to avoid getting arrested in this episode.
  • JTV: Joker pirated the airwaves for everyone to watch his show JTV where he would attempt to make them die laughing. Joker captured the Mayor and Cash Tankinson who he planned to kill for later as well as robbing the bank with many Officers left gassed with Joker Venom. He then attempted to kill his hostages and spread Joker Venom all over the city to cause everyone’s in Gotham to die laughing. Batman managed to stop the gas, save the hostages and arrest Joker.
  • Strange Minds: Joker kidnapped Detective Ellen Yin and trapped her in a Jack N' The Box which is set to explode and kill her in 8 hours. When Batman and Hugo Strange go inside his mind. Joker tried to completely drive them insane. They managed to locate and save Ellen.
  • Night and The City: Joker planed on spreading white on Gotham however Penguin and Riddler got in the way. The three decided whoever would defeat Batman would rule Gotham. In the end Batman beats all three Villains and gives them to the Police.
  • Brawn: Joker stole Bane's Venom and used it to go on rampage. Batman was beaten and going to die until Batgirl used her small size to remove the venom from Joker.
  • The Laughing Cats: Joker kidnapped Catwoman and gave two cats he stole to Kilgore who allowed Joker to have two hyenas in return. Joker betrays Kilgore and paralyzes him with his Joker gas. He used his maze in an attempt to kill Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman but fails and gets knocked out by Batman instead.
  • The Apprentice: Joker manipulates a school boy to join him as his sidekick and cause mayhem. Donny agrees and togtheir they try to gumball the city. Batman stopped them and then Joker took Donny to his hideout to make him insane like he was. Thankfully he was saved by Batman and Batgirl.
  • Clayfaces: Joker puts Joker venom in dog food wanted all dogs to die laughing. After punch and Judy are reveled to be Clayface aka Ethan Bennett he captures Joker in clay. Leading the clown to get arrested.
  • Two of a Kind Joker trys to steal art from the musem but is stopped by the Batfamily. Later he manipulates Harlen Quinzel to be his partner in crime. Joker escapes after they fail to bomb her former studio.
  • Rumors Though flashback we learn that Joker was going to steal a device that could make sound waves. Batman stops him but injures Paul Karron. Thus causing Mairo to become The Rumor and kidnap various Gotham villains. Later, after Batman frees the inmates, Joker tries to kill Rumor as well as Batman and Robin after they decide to protect him.
  • Joker Express Joker uses Joker gas on people who ride the train and use them to steal stuff. He then plans to fill the tuneels with dynmite so the city will explode, but is beat by the Bat family.
  • The Metal Face of comedy Joker breaks into a bank and uses nano tech to download another version of himself. The two team to to steal diamonds. But is betrayed and planned to be killed along with Batman and Robin.
  • End of The Batman Joker and Harley Quinn rob a money event. Batman and Robin show up to stop him, but Wrath and Scorn fight the heros for him. Later He joins, Penguin, Scarface and Killer Croc to get money in a ship. Near the end he gases the two villains before they tell him who Batman is.
  • This version of the Joker vaguely recalls Hyena, a character from the Amalgam Universe (universe created by the fusion of the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe), the result of the fusion of the Joker from the comics and Sabretooh, due to his animal-like appearance and behavior.


I was feeling a bit screw loose so I checked myself in.
~ The Joker's first lines.
The show must go on.
~ The Joker
Break in at the Gotham Museum of Art. This looks like a job for...the Batman.
The Batman, what if I hadn't been decent.
Another voice in my head? The more the merrier!
What are you going to do? Lock me in the looney bin? I'm already here!
A very thin line separates normality, from insanity... life brings thousands of tiny torments, in all shapes, sizes and flavors...
Either I'm crazy or YOU'RE MELTING!
But my dear, flunky, you left the meds outside.
Who you calling tall?
Every time I bring my brand of funny to Gotham, the only sound I hear is...
The Batman? My biggest fan...Punch, run this out for him, please."





  • This version of the Joker, next to Jack Nicholson's portrayal, is the only one who refers to himself as "Joker" instead of "The Joker".
  • This version of Joker is much nicer to Harley Quinn than his DCAU counterpart and shows her more genuine though obviously still twisted affection like buying her a diamond and choosing to indulge on her simply because he could as opposed to manipulating her to get out of Arkham. He also never physically hits or abuses her and though he does leave her behind in a fire (that Harley started herself) it’s done more out of indifference rather than malice and he later sends her a love message.
  • This Joker has a more sympathetic past than most being a nice guy neglected by his parents who wanted to make people laugh before his chemical bath (though it's unknown if he was robbing the chemical plant or not). His original self serves as the good side of his brain as it attempts to help Batman find Yin.
  • When the character of Gotham's Mayor Grange warned Joker he would not get away with his latest scheme in one episode, he had some experience saying that, as he was played by TV's original Batman, Adam West, who in his time had faced down another Joker.
  • Joker's use of Venom to become a Bane-like powerhouse in this series pre-dated the Arkhamverse Joker doing something similar by 5 or so years.
  • Despite never being acknowledged onscreen, it's possible that Joker committed the same crimes his original counterpart did during the popular 1988 one-shot Batman: The Killing Joke at some point before 2027. This is because Barbara Gordon is depicted as wheelbound in the episode "Artifacts". As Joker's origin resembles that of his The Killing Joke counterpart, this could be the case.
  • This version of Joker shares a resemblance with his version interpreted by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight: both having kidnapped a law official (Ethan Bennett in The Batman, Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight) and corrupted them into two criminals.
  • Joker underwent relatively drastic visual changes throughout the series, bringing him closer to more conventional Joker designs. His straightjacket was switched out for the iconic purple tuxedo, his hair became shorter and less fluid, his teeth, while still jagged, were no longer "jigsaw" teeth that slotted together and he adopted a straighter posture. This accompanied the downplaying of his combat skills and ultimately resulted him being quite similar to his TAS counterpart by the end of the series.
  • To date, this is the only Pure Evil incarnation of the Joker to be a Zero Kill Count Villain.

External Links

  • Joker on the Pure Evil Wiki.


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Batman: Year One: Batman | Gotham City Police Department (Commissioner Loeb, Arnold John Flass, & Howard Branden) | Falcone Crime Family (Carmine Falcone & Johnny Viti) | Catwoman | Joker
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Batman | Joker | Mutant Leader | Ellen Yindel | Harvey Dent | Selina Kyle
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Batman 60s show
Joker | Penguin | Catwoman | Riddler | Mr. Freeze | The Archer | Black Widow | Bookworm | Egghead | Clock King | Queenie Goldstein | Sandman | Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft | Cabala | Minstrel | Shame | False Face | The Siren | Undine | Chandell & Harry | King Tut | Louie the Lilac | Mad Hatter | Cornelia | Baby Jane Towser | Lydia Limpet | Zelda the Great | The Puzzler | Olga, Queen of Cossacks | Marsha, Queen of Diamonds | Lord Marmaduke Ffogg | Lady Penelope Peasoup | Ma Parker | Freddy the Fence | Lola Lasagne | Nora Clavicle | Colonel Gumm | Minerva | Killer Moth | Calamity Jan

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Batman: The Animated Series
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Joker | Lex Luthor | Harley Quinn | Riddler | Two-Face | Catwoman | Bane | Penguin | Poison Ivy | Scarecrow | Captain Boomerang | Clayface | Mad Hatter | Ra's al Ghul | Killer Croc | Bane | Killer Moth | Mr. Freeze | Man-Bat | Hush | Zod | Sinestro | Brainiac | Gorilla Grodd | Captain Cold | Black Manta | Black Adam | Bizarro

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Brainiac | Joker | Lex Luthor | Cheetah | Solomon Grundy | Firefly | Killer Croc | Sinestro | Atrocitus | Larfleeze | Star Sapphire | Composite Superman | Bane | Arkillo | Condiment King | Music Meister | Captain Cold | Black Adam | Black Manta | Black Hand | Bronze Tiger Cyborg Superman | Deadshot | Deathstroke | Lobo | Dex-Starr | Doomsday | Gorilla Grodd | Harley Quinn | Hush | Kalibak | Killer Moth | Man-Bat | Mad Hatter | Manchester Black | Metallo | Mr. Freeze | Mr. Mxyzptlk | Parasite | Penguin | Poison Ivy | Polka Dot Man | Red Hood | Riddler | Toyman | The Trickster | Ultra-Humanite | Catwoman | Bizarro | Amanda Waller | Captain Boomerang | El Diablo | King Shark | Killer Frost | Plastique | Terra | Zod | Faora | Joker | Two-Face | Ra's al Ghul | Bane | Catwoman | Scarecrow | Blight | Joker | Mr. Freeze | Arrow Deathstroke | Malcolm Merlyn | Darkseid

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