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It's finally here, isn't it? The moment we've both dreamed about! Oh, don't tell me you're gonna fall asleep before we finish. You have gotten old haven't you?
~ Joker to Batman after stabbing him with a knife.
Ah, doesn't matter. I win. I made you lose control. Heh-heh-ha, and they'll kill you for it. Eh-heh-heh! See you... in hell! Ah-ha-ha-ha!
~ Joker's last words before committing suicide.

The Joker was a character that appeared in the second part of the animated feature film Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, where he serves as the main antagonist.

He was voiced by Michael Emerson, who also portrayed Benjamin Linus on Lost and Zepp Hindle in Saw.


~ The Joker reawakens.

Well into his fifties, the Joker spent ten years at Arkham Asylum in a near catatonic stupor. When news hit the wire that his arch-nemesis the Batman had come out of retirement, the Joker's conscious mind resurfaced and he decided that it was time for him to come out of retirement as well.Having manipulated his psychiatrist into declaring him 'cured'- the doctor proclaiming that he was merely a victim of Batman's own psychosis- the Joker murdered the guests at a talk show where his psychiatrist had intended to publicly reveal his 'recovery' before taking hostages at a local carnival.

Tracking the Joker there, Batman engaged his foe in the hall of mirrors, where an extremely violent and brutal showdown-turned-fist fight erupts between the two. The Joker drops a mirror on Batman and makes his escape into the tunnel of love ride. Batman reappeared and engaged the Joker a second time in a far more violent fight, in which the Joker hysterically stabs him in the stomach several times. Mid-stab, Batman instinctively broke the Joker's neck just enough to paralyze him.

As a group of innocents, thinking Batman has murdered the Joker, scream and flee, Batman confronts his opponent. The Joker sneers at him, arrogantly claiming that he has won the fight - he made Batman lose control and 'kill' him, and the people of Gotham would condemn and hunt him because of it. The Joker then finally says 'See you in Hell!', before, in a last act of revenge against his enemy, the Joker was able to twist his neck just far enough to kill himself, committing suicide and framing his enemy for his own murder.


  • In a behind the scenes featurette for the film, Michael Emerson stated that he modeled the Joker's voice on comedian Paul Lynde.



Dark Knight Returns Part 2 - Batman vs

Dark Knight Returns Part 2 - Batman vs. Joker

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