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Now maybe you didn't hear me last time...when I asked you sweet...put your damn guns down! You think I won't kill you? I'm gonna take this here crossbow, and put a nice sharp arrow, right through your eyeball. And into your goddamn brain. You're not men...you're monsters. All men are monsters. Take what they want, and then destroy it all. Take a can of beans, take a little girl...it's all the fucking same to you!
~ Jolene to Danny St. John and Lee Everett.

Jolene is an antagonist in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead video game series.


Before the apocalypse, Jolene was an employee in Save-Lots. And, she had a boyfriend and a daughter named Danielle.

When the apocalypse starts, Jolene becomes a member of Save-Lots Bandits along with the other employees. However, the bandits took her daughter from her and possibly raped her. Later, Jolene escapes and started to live in the woods in a camp.

One day, Lee and Danny St. John finds her camp. When they examine the camp, Lee finds Clementine's hat and Jolene comes through and aims her crossbow to them. She threats them continously. Eventually, Lee or Danny shoots her in the head and abandons her.

It is later revealed Jolene wants Clementine, because she thinks Clementine is her daughter. First, she stalks Lee's group and scouts Travelier Motel with her camera. Later, she steals Clementine's hat.

Also, Jolene knows the cannibalistic actions of St. John Family and tells Lee it is not a safe location. It Lee remains silent, Jolene will tell about Brenda brings fresh meat to the farm.


  • Jolene's daughter's name is never revealed, but in game files, her name is confirmed as Danielle.


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