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"I have nothing to say!"
~ Jon's callousness towards Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin after getting their common lover Deirdre Rachid imprisoned for his own fraudulent dealings.

Jon Lindsay is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He is a major antagonist in 1997 and 1998 who represented one of the show's most impactful storylines to date, when he forged a relationship with established character Deirdre Rachid before later getting her imprisoned for his fraudulent activities. The result of this led to public outrage from the entire UK population, up to the point where they initiated the "Free Weatherfield Campaign" to encourage the producers to free Deirdre from her wrongful imprisonment.


Jon Lindsay first appeared in Weatherfield as a shop assistant who formed a relationship with local resident Deirdre Rachid. It was at this point that Deirdre sought to move on from her recent affairs with former husband Ken Barlow and ex-lover Mike Baldwin, following a love triangle between them that led to the longstanding feud between Ken and Mike kicking off for years. Deirdre also hoped that her new relationship with Jon would help overcome the loss of her recent spouse, Samir Rachid, following his death two years earlier.

As Deirdre's relationship with Jon blossomed, he begins to deceive her by claiming to be working as a pilot when she questions his absences at his job. Ken later finds out about this and tells Deirdre, who breaks up with Jon for this until he woos her back into his life. He then invites her to live with him at his house, with Deirdre not knowing that he is actually living with his wife Linda Lindsay and their children behind her back. The deceit continued as Jon proposed to Deirdre and fabricated many lies in his business matters, from using a fake identity after his co-worker Ian Jenkins to obtaining money by deception. Eventually, though, Deirdre discovered that Jon had kept his affairs behind her back and broke up with him for good.

By then, however, Jon has implicated Deirdre in his fraudulent dealings. This involved using Deirdre's credit card to remortgage a house and swindle finances on different turnabouts. When he taken in for questioning by the police, he named Deirdre as the sole perpetuator and framed her for his crimes. This led to Deirdre getting arrested and having a joint trial with Jon, who pleaded guilty and allowed Deirdre to plead not guilty in order to portray her as the real villain. Jon's actions forced Ken and Mike, despite the pair hating each other, to work together in order to bring down their shared enemy who was victimizing their common lover in crimes she never committed. In the end, though, Deirdre was found guilty of the crimes Jon has committed; Jon was released from custody in a suspended two-year sentence, whereas Deirdre is wrongfully imprisoned for eighteen years as a result of this.

Afterwards, Jon settles his freedom with Linda and rebuffs the outrage that Ken and Mike along with their community are giving him for what he did to Deirdre. Their efforts to try and incriminate Jon seem lost until his supposed ex-wife, Mary Docherty, approaches them with crucial evidence. Jon's claims that his ex-wife was a vindicate money-grubber were all lies and that he had been conning Mary in the same manner as he did to Deirdre. Furthermore, Mary married Jon while he was named James Anderson - thereby transpiring that Jon was a bigamist as this happened while he was still married to Linda at the time. After gathering this information to the authorities, Jon is eventually arrested for his crimes whilst Deirdre is released from prison. He is last seen being taken to the same prison that Deirdre was put in, just as she conveniently is being released on that day. Deirdre gets the last word on Jon by telling him that the prison he is being put in his not far from the airport he used to work at. She then leaves and reunites with everyone back in Weatherfield, while Jon is carried off to prison for his crimes.



  • The storyline revolving on Deirdre's wrongful imprisonment from Jon's actions against her is hailed as one of the soap storylines that significantly "gripped the nation".
  • The follow-up of Jon getting Deirdre imprisoned for crimes she didn't commit sparked public outrage from not just Corrie fans, but the entire UK population. Even the parliament expressed this response to the storyline, up to the point where the "Free Deidre Weatherfield" campaign emerged as a result of this.