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I reckon I've got twenty years left in me. After that the world can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I have no family, no heirs. There's no need to build for the future. I'm going to suck this planet dry, and with this cube I can do whatever I want to whoever I want.
~ Jon Spiro about the C Cube.

Jon Spiro is a notorious fictional Chicago businessman who owns the communications company Fission Chips. He serves as the main antagonist in Artemis Fowl III: The Eternity Code.

Jon Spiro is a wealthy and shady businessman. He is a powerful business man with mob connections and it is thought that his company made it to the top with stolen research, but it was never proven. Jon Spiro is a power-hungry megalomaniac. A perfect example of his power going too far is the fact that he had the ballroom doors of the sunken Titanic recovered from the ocean floor and brought to the Spiro Needle to be used as his office doors. The Spiro Needle, owned by Spiro, is the headquarters for Fission Chips. He is shown to get very angry at times, taking it out on others.

As one of his assistants reveals once, Spiro has a brother, but does not want to mention his brother's existence.

He is described as "a middle-aged American, thin as a javelin, and barely taller than Artemis Fowl himself." He usually wears a white linen suit—his trademark—and a large amount of gold jewelry. He also wears an ID bracelet, which was a "birthday present to himself". He is on a strict diet, wearing a vitamin dispenser on his belt. He is revealed to have "gut problems" suggesting he has Ulcerative colitis or Crohn's Disease. Both diseases are triggered by stress, fitting his personality.

Artemis Fowl arranges a meeting with Jon Spiro at a renowned seafood restaurant to discuss his invention called the C Cube. During the meeting, however, Spiro outwits Artemis by disguising assassins in the restaurant where they have lunch. He stole the C Cube and left Arno Blunt, his bodyguard, to kill Artemis and Butler. Near the end of the book he is set up by Artemis Fowl and arrested by a SWAT Team.