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We do? Oh yeah! (evil grin) Real, better things!
~ Jon
We're probably what inspired YOU to do it.
~ Mark

Jon and Mark are the secondary antagonists of Eddsworld. They are housemates of Eduardo who (however) takes them as his minions. Jon and Mark strongly resemble Edd's friends, Tom and Matt.

Jon was voiced by Eddie Bowley and Mark was voiced by Ben Rudman.


Jon and Mark live together with Eduardo, but in opposite of the relationship between Edd and his friends, Eduardo feels like their leader and often uses violent methods to ensure their obedience. Although they visibly fear him, they are always ready to stand behind and support their self-proclaimed leader in insulting and abusing their neighbors.

In the Hammer & Fail series, it is shown that Eduardo hates Jon as much as he does Edd. When Jon dares to correct him, furious Eduardo immediately threatens to punch him, calling him a useless idiot. He keeps word and later without any reasons punches Jon into his face.

Jon and Mark also make a brief appearance in Space Face: Part 2, flying an obviously stolen space ship with Eduardo. In PowerEdd, they are seen watching a TV channel from space which they actually don't understand, as the show is spoken in some kind of alien language.

In the The End series, after Tom throws the sofa through the roof, it lands next to Eduardo, Jon, and Mark's house and Mark sits on it, exclaiming it's a free sofa. Eduardo wishes Jon was dead after Jon doesn't understand his sarcastic comment, and later, in part two, Jon is killed by a missile from Tord's giant robot. His last word is "Something." Later, Jon is a ghost.




Jon is the rival of Tom and even looks similar to him, although he has smaller eyes, shorter hair and a blue button down shirt instead of a hoodie. He is voiced by Eddie Bowley and speaks in a British accent of the southern London, just like Mark, Edd, Tom, and Matt. He isn't as brave as Tom and looks little bit foolish, although he unsuccessfully tries to act like a villain all the time. Eduardo visibly dislikes him and often threatens or beats him though he mourns Jon's death in The End Part 2.



Mark is the rival of Matt and looks similar to him, but he has blond hair and a purple turtleneck instead of a hoodie and overcoat. He is also known for his cleft chin, similar to Matt's formidable one. He is voiced by Ben Rudman and speaks in a British accent of the southern London, just like Jon, Edd, Tom, and Matt.


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