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All my patients are my children... to be corrected when they’re naughty... and rewarded with a sweetie when they’re good.
~ Fogg commending about how he runs the asylum.

Jonas Fogg (also known as Mr. Fogg) is a supporting antagonist of the 1979 musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and the 2007 live-action film of the same name. He is the corrupt head of the local insane asylum who is in league with Judge Turpin.

He was portrayed by Philip Philmar in the film.


Fogg first appeared when Turpin had Beadle Bamford to send Johanna Barker (the daughter of Benjamin and Lucy Barker) to the asylum after hearing of her plan to elope with a young sailor named Anthony Hope. Due to his lust towards Johanna, Turpin tells Fogg to keep Johanna locked away until she agrees to marry Turpin instead, a proposal that Fogg agreed to.

Unwilling to let Johanna suffer the horrors of Fogg's asylum, Anthony decides to break her out. On the advice of Sweeney Todd (who happens to be Benjamin in secret), Anthony pretends to be a wigmaker's apprentice to enter the asylum and rescue Johanna. However, Fogg has caught up and intends to stop them in their tracks, only to end up being killed while Anthony and Johanna escaped to Todd's barbershop.

Fogg's fate differ in two versions between the play and movie. In the play, Anthony intends to shoot down Fogg with a pistol, but cannot bring himself to do it, forcing a frustrated Johanna to grab the pistol herself and shoot Fogg to his death. In the movie, as opposed to being shot by Johanna, Fogg is overwhelmed and brutally mauled to death by several female mental patients who were freed by Anthony.


  • Mr. Fogg is the only character in the play who does not sing or dance because he has a small role.
  • Judge Turpin tells Mr. Fogg to keep Johanna locked in his asylum until she agrees to marry him, which is similar to Gaston ordering another asylum owner to have Belle’s father, Maurice locked there until Belle agrees to marry Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.


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