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Jonas Hambleton was the secondary human antagonist of the adventure video-game, Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet and the primary source of evil within the story outside the Great Old Ones and Narackamous.

Believed dead for many years Jonas had in fact become an ascended cultist living deep underground and bestowed with Lovecraftian powers in exchange for his untiring services to the Great Old Ones - his crimes were great and numerous but perhaps one of the most terrible was his first.

Many years before the story began Jonas was a successful fisherman but came into contact with the Native American sorcerer known as Narackamous after developing an unhealthy obsession with the occult and black magic.

Jonas learnt of the Great Old Ones via Narackamous and was initiated into the cult of the Great Ancients, however the spirit known as Dagon demanded Jonas to sacrifice his own wife to the sea - which he did alongside Narackamous: from the union of Dagon and Jonas' deceased wife two abominations were born who would become known as Jonas' sons.

At some point Jonas lost what little humanity he had and descended into the pits of madness below Innsmouth where he constantly prayed to his mad gods and together with Narackamous and other cultists plotted the end of the world and the coming of the Great Old Ones.

Ultimately Mr. Parker learned of Jonas and the cult, using a mixture of cunning and occult knowledge he undid the evils committed by Jonas and killed his followers - as he did so he also gradually weakened Jonas himself until the monster died.

With Jonas' death Mr. Parker had saved the town of Innsmouth from evil but still had to face Narackamous in order to stop the apocalypse and then face the Great Old Ones themselves to stop the enslavement of mankind.