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Jonas Venture

Jonas Venture

Jonas Venture is the father of Rusty and Jonas Venture Jr, as well as the inventor of the cloning machine that Rusty used to clone his own sons.


While at first he appears to be heroic, it eventually turns out that he is a horribly abusive father who has endangered his own son time and time again so that he could live out his fantasies of being a hero. At one point he was the therapist for Rusty Venture, but instead of making him feel better about himself, he only made him feel worse.

This abuse would turn Rusty Venture into the bitter man that he is today, and would impact how he raised his own sons. And while he fights supervillains, he does so for fun instead of attempting to protect innocent people from them, and is willing to murder them when he grows tired of foiling their schemes. He was responsible for the mutation of several orphans after he left them to die.

In addition, he also blackmailed his partner Blue Morpho into doing what he wants using a sex tape. His other teammates (though also amoral to an extent) would object when he turned him into a robotic servant, which he himself personally considered to be an amazing feat of science. Unaware as to who he really was, Professor Z would reprogram him into a super villain.


Jonas was thought to be killed when he was ejected into space, but in reality he was put in a life support machine known as the PROBLEM. His entire body was meant to be put in the machine, but all of it was shattered with the exception of his head. However, he still survived by absorbing nutrients of insects and rodents within the facility the PROBLEM was kept. His Head would later be discovered by his own son. When Blue Morpho discovered him, he attempted to take over his body and decided to kill his former friend at the same time.


  • He can be considered to be the most hated character on the show, being more evil than series villain The Monarch.
  • Unlike his son, he has never showed remorse for any of his actions.
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