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Jonathan Corliss is the main antagonist in the 1991 film A Kiss Before Dying.

He is portrayed by Matt Dillon, who also portrayed Patrick Healy and Sam Lombardo.


Jonathan Corliss is a psychopathic killer who becomes involved with the wealthy Carlsson family. In order to gain access to the family's money, he has a relationship with one of the two daughters, Dorothy, and apparently makes plans to marry her. However, Jonathan ends up killing her by pushing her off a ledge to her death, then making it look as though she committed suicide. Following the tragedy, Jonathan uses this as a way of getting closer to both her father, Thor and her sister, Ellen. Ellen soon becomes romantically involved with Jonathan (currently under the alias of Jay Farraday) and they end up getting married, but after investigations into Dorothy's death take place, Jonathan is forced to murder several other victims in order to cover his tracks.

Towards the end of the film, Ellen finally discovers the horrifying truth about Jonathan after visiting his old house and gathering clues regarding his true identity. Jonathan appears in the doorway and prepares to strangle her with a belt, but Ellen manages to stab him in the arm before escaping. An injured Jonathan pursues her onto the nearby train tracks but is promptly run over by a freight train and immediately killed.


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