It's complex. This is not just her. Everybody's disappearing. There's this new law where if you're a bad enough bad guy, they stamp terrorist on your jacket. They send you to this swamp in Louisiana. A black site. That's where she is. So what are we doing?
~ Frost briefs Joker about Harley's location

Jonny Frost is a minor antagonist in the 2016 DC Warner Bros. film Suicide Squad. He is a henchman of the Joker and the third-in-command of his gang. He is portrayed by Jim Parrack.


Frost is a henchman of the Joker. After Harley Quinn has been arrested by Batman, Joker sends out Frost to investigate her whereabouts. When Frost returns to Joker, revealing that Quinn is held at Belle Reve prison in Louisiana, Joker orders him to 'bring the car around'.

Together with Joker, Frost follows Harley Quinn and the Task Force X to Midway City where they hijack the helicopter supposed to retreive Amanda Waller. When the Squad and Waller head towards a roof waiting for their helicopter, Frost and Joker instead open fire, Frost using the helicopter's minigun. They force the squad to search for cover and allow Harley to jump off the roof and grab the rope hanging from the helicopter. They then fly off in their attempt to escape the city. However, the helicopter was shut down by a missile during their escape and crashed against a building. It's completely unknown what happened to Frost, as the Joker survived the explosion like Harley, possibly implying that Frost could also have survived the crash, but he most likely was killed when the helicopter crashed, as he didn't accompany his boss when he rescued Harley from Belle Reve.



  • This is the first live action appearance of the DC character Jonny Frost, who was a Joker henchman as well.
  • Surprisingly, Jonny Frost seems to be one of the few henchmen, in most Batman media, who work for the Joker whom the Joker truly appreciates, not discarding him either for incompetence or for not leaving witnesses. This is likely as Jonny appears to be both fully competent and loyal to the Joker in the film and never fails in any of his assigned tasks.


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