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Joon Shin is the main antagonist of the horror korean webcomic Home Sweet Home. He is the leader of a group of escaped criminals who found their away to Green Roof Home after the apocalypse.


He is the leader of a gang of escaped criminals who appeared on the bus. Byeong-li asks for their help against the steroids monster and Wook recogniszed them as criminals. Joon Shin was a skilled manipulator and reveals that they have food and a generator. Joon would want to control the survivors with this and becomes aware of the people of the apartment becoming monsters which he decides to take advantage and later meets Hyun one of the infected who he tries to make an alliance with.

Soon, he would have a fight with Hyun when he takes Jisu hostage but he knew that Hyun wouldn't fire the gun as it would draw the attention from the monsters. At some point Hyun was imprisoned and would later meet a woman after which serveral monsters started to appear and upon dying would soon become a monster himself. In his final appearance, he was a large monster and would later be faced by Hyun in which a fight ensured after Hyun took full control of his monster form and eventually kills Shin.


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