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The Joozians are antagonists from the animated television series South Park. They appeared in the Season 7 episode "Cancelled".


The Joozians are an alien species of TV executives that control all media in the universe. They ignore Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny's pleas to save the Earth at first while explaining that after 100 episodes, a TV series usually begins to decline in quality and is no longer profitable. They then take the boys to lunch, go to a topless bar, and visit a prostitute's hotel room. The two Joozians, then very drunk and high on "blach", an alien drug, later begin sucking on each other's "jagons" and sticking their fingers in each other's "thrushers". Kenny takes a picture of it, and the boys then blackmail them with the photograph. The Joozians agree to not cancel Earth and later erase everyone's memory of it being an intergalactic reality television show. Despite erasing the boy's memories as well, Kenny still pocesses the photo of the Joozian's sexual actions, showing his friends, and Chef, who believes it might come in handy one day.


Their skin is dull yellow, with light brown markings, and they have beady eyes. The first Joozian wears a blue suit consisting of a black tie, white shirt, and black pants. The second Joozian wears a black suit with a red tie, and a white shirt.


Like most TV producers, they are very buisiness-minded and money-driven. They are also rude, idiotic, easily distracted, and sexually active. 


  • Their name is a play on the word "jew" and they display many negative Jewish cultural stereotypes, both physically with nose, eyes, and hair, and personality-wise, referring to their greedy nature.



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