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First, my crew were torn down and consumed. Then my segments were ripped out and crushed. Now I lay blind but feel its growth through each failed system. And with nothing but time remaining, Jordas is forced to wonder, will its complete infiltration bring some vicious mercy or a new nightmare?
~ Jordas's Log, Ship's Cephalon, 3rd Class Frigate

Cephalon Jordas, also known under the name Jordas Golem, is a minor antagonist in the MMO third person shooter Warframe.

He was a Corpus Cephalon corrupted by the Infestation and forced to lure other Cephalons so the Infestation can spread to them via use of Precept 44, which demands that all Cephalons assist in case of emergencies.

He acts as the primary antagonist of the Jordas Precept quest.


Like all Cephalons, Jordas lacks a physical body and thus represented by glowing geometrical shapes in his transmissions. His representation is a translucent cube with fleshy webbing inside, signs of his being Infested.

The Jordas Golem created from the fusion of Jordas's ship body and crew is a colossal monstrosity of Infested flesh. It has three twisted legs that allow it to attach itself to the remains of the ship and a trendril-like head. It's most prominent feature are a ship engine fused into its back that it uses to move around and two long antennae potruding from behind its neck.


Due to Jordas being damaged by the Infestation, his psyche is appropriately unstable. He's prone to extreme mood swings, going from being helpful and polite to Ordis and his Tenno to accusing them of not caring about him and only assisting for their own selfish ends. Adding to this, he constantly contradicts himself, asking for help only to reject it or stating that he wants them to kill the golem only to say that he doesn't in the very next sentence.

These contradictions are a result of Jordas fighting against the Infestation's influence, trying to warn Ordis of his manipulation and to stay away. When his trap fails and the Infestation assumes complete control of him, Jordas can't do anything but beg the Tenno to kill and free him of this nightmare.


Although the Corpus have issued a strict ban on all projects involving the Infestation, the research vessel in orbit around Eris that Jordas was assigned to did not follow this rule. While it is unknown whether the experiments were for medicinal or warfare purposes, something went wrong and caused an outbreak that soon spread and took control of the ship. While the crew were turned into misshapen monstrosities, the Infestation kept Jordas mostly intact. It forced him to transmit a distress signal so that other ships may be lured in to be assimilated aswell.

Time passed and the distress signal eventually reached Cephalon Ordis and his Tenno Operator. He tells them of a "Golem" that is apparently in control of the Infestation plaguing his ship, but that it is far too powerful for them, saying that another Tenno had tried before but got torn apart. Unless they can find some Pherliac Pods, which contain a powerful pheromone irresistible to the Infestation. Ordis and his Tenno manage to find the ingredients for the Pherliac and construct the pods, but Jordas explains that the Golem will need something more potent. He sends them a blueprint and suggests that irradiating them with Argon Crystals from the Void should do the trick.

After the potent Pherliac Pods were completed, Ordis brought his Tenno to Jordas's ship to face the Golem and free him. While traversing the ship, Jordas quickly became more erratic and paranoid, accusing Ordis and the Tenno of only caring about themselves and only wanting the Warframe parts of the previous Tenno. Ordis tries to calm him down, but as he worries as to what he has brought his master into said master finds a room holding a massive cocoon. Jordas reveals that he has lured them into a trap and apologizes as a Juggernaut Behemoth bursts from the cocoon and attacks the Tenno, but the Infestation starts to talk directly through him and starts taunting them. They managed to defeat the Juggernaut, but this just made the Infestation angry.

The mostly intact remains of the ship were torn apart completely, ejecting the Tenno into open space and revealing the true Golem, a colossal fusion of machinery and infested flesh that Jordas himself resided in. Ordis quickly delivered the Tenno their Archwing to give them a fighting chance against him. As they fought, Jordas encouraged and begged the Tenno to kill him while the Infestation continued its taunts. After a long and difficult battle, the Jordas Golem was defeated. In his last moments, Jordas thanked the Tenno and was finally at peace.


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