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Jorge Meconio is one of the main characters of the Argentinian comedy TV Show Peter Capusotto y sus videos, and a protagonist villain in some episodes.

He made his debut in the 7th season of the series, being a very controversial character due to a song sung by him, in where he insults his mother, saying that he's happy about her death.

He's a psychopathic social darwinist who enjoys ruining people's lives, since he believes that is necessary for a person to do so in order to survive, causing as much chaos as possible, at the point of smoking in front of a baby, inciting to kill all whales, and indirectly killing people. 


He first appears singing a song, in where he talks about how he's a very bad person, and how he's proud about it, then, he talks to the spectator, as he explains that to have a good time, you must ruin other people's lives, after that, he trips a waitress, making her fall to the ground, as he says that she will be fired, saying his iconic catchphrase "She suffers, i enjoy" while laughing sadistically.

In the next sketch, he sings another song, in where he talks about the advantages of betraying your friends, having sex with their wives, to make them suffer of betrayal and jealousy.

Later, he's seen in a office, in where he explains that Communism, Religion and Community Ideals are not important anymore, and because of that, there's no guilt between the people, making Jorge's ambition to grow higher.

When a woman with a baby appears, he ask her if the baby has healthy lungs, and then, he smokes in the baby's face, causing the mother to insult Jorge by calling him a son of a bitch.


  • His name is based on Carlos Melconian.
  • He's possibly the most evil character in the show, being capable of damaging children just for fun.
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