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Buenos días, Al. You look tired and in need of exfoliation.
~ Jose to Alejandro before boxing him.

Jose Burromuerto is a minor antagonist in the Canadian animated series Total Drama, serving as a mentioned character throughout Total Drama World Tour before making an appearance as a guest antagonist in Total Drama All-Stars.

He is the abusive older brother of Alejandro Burromuerto, one of the contestants of Total Drama, whom he often bullied, insulting him by calling him "Al", a nickname Alejandro despises. Jose's bullying is partially to blame for the way Alejandro is.

He was voiced by Alex House, who also voiced his brother Alejandro.


Jose is described by Alejandro as having to be better at everything than him, including academics, sports and "personal grooming". Jose takes pride in his looks and talents, viewing himself as superior to everyone. He always reminds Alejandro of this and constantly provokes him whenever possible, including calling him "Al", which infuriates Alejandro regardless of the speaker. However, Jose still honors the family code of never striking one another in the face.


Jose is first mentioned in the episode "Hawaiian Punch" by Alejandro in a confessional, when he says that Jose "will be compiling his insults already" because he tied with Cody. Jose is later revealed to be the reason why Alejandro extremely hates being called Al. During the final challenge, Heather says "No way, José!" to Alejandro, to which Alejandro furiously reveals his past rivalry with Jose.

Later in the All-Stars episode "Suckers Punched", the contestants are in a challenge to box an opponent selected from the Wheel of Misfortune; Alejandro's opponent is Jose. During the match, the brothers punch each other's body parts, as it is their family code to not punch in the face. After Jose says that Heather has an unattractive personality and mocks Alejandro about her humiliating him in World Tour, a wrathful Alejandro defeats Jose with several punches, each one for a way Jose mistreated him and the last one for calling Heather unattractive.


Jose always has to win. Always! He lives to make me miserable! He punches me in the arm and calls me Al just because I hate it!
~ Alejandro revealing his tragedy of being bullied by José.
Last night, I dreamt about my older, smarter, better-looking brother, José. (groans) He always calls me Al and I hate it. More than mutant fire beetles and conditioners that don't detangle.
~ Alejandro's confession about José.
I knew my dream was a sign! My whole life, José has been better than me at everything! Academics, sports, and yes, even personal grooming! Well, not this time.
~ Alejandro's confession about his dream and José.


  • José is by far the only Total Drama antagonist who isn't a contestant, despite his brother Alejandro being one.
  • In some ways, it can be said that José could technically be the unseen overarching antagonist of Total Drama World Tour, as his bullying of Alejandro is what turned Alejandro into the ruthless manipulator he was during the season.


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