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Villain Overview

I'm Dr. Josef Heiter, retired, but still very well known as the leading surgeon in separating Siamese twins. Six months ago, I designed a never seen operation on not separating anymore but creating. I transformed my three rottweilers into a beautiful 3-hund construction.
~ Dr. Heiter to his captives.
Feed her! Feed Her! More! Swallow it, bitch!.
~ Dr. Heiter forcing the centipede to defecate.

Dr. Josef Heiter or commonly and simply referred to as Dr. Heiter, is the main antagonist of the 2009 horror film The Human Centipede.

He was portrayed by the late Dieter Laser. After much deliberation, Laser would later work with writer and director Tom Six to star as the completely different, yet still monstrous, character Bill Boss in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence).


Dr. Heiter is arguably one of the most disturbing and perverted characters in cinema, even by horror standards subjecting his victims to the unthinkable in order to pursue his insane scientific vision.

Once a renowned surgeon in the medical community, "the leading surgeon in separating Siamese twins", Dr. Heiter had become utterly obsessed with taking his skills and bringing them to the next level by putting bodies together to function as one unit rather than separating conjoined bodies into separate units.

His first successful experiment began by surgically connecting his three adult Rottweiler dogs, it is unfortunate that this pet died. But his vision only grew bolder and he developed a plan to create a human "Siamese triplet", a form to which he gave the common name "Human Centipede".

In order to begin his experiment, he kidnapped travelers matching blood types until he found a match. He then surgically joins them, mouth to anus, forming a perverse "centipede" where each human is a segment of the whole unit. This causes unimaginable suffering to those involved, but science knows no evil and Dr. Heiter considers this creation to be nothing more than a new pet to stay loyally by his side.


The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Lindsay and Jenny are two American tourists on a road trip in Germany. Their car breaks down in the night on their way to a night club, and they wander through the forest, upon which they find the house of Dr. Josef Heiter. Heiter begrudgingly allows them refuge at his house.

Heiter offers his guests water, which is drugged to knock them out. Jenny succumbs, though Lindsay spills her's on the table, to Heiter's frustration. As Lindsay tries to wake Jenny, Heiter resorts to injecting her with a syringe.

The women awake in a makeshift medical ward and witness Heiter informing a kidnapped truck driver that he is "not a match" then killing him via injection. When the women wake up a second time, Heiter has secured a new male captive, Japanese traveler Katsuro.

Heiter explains that he is a world-renowned expert at separating conjoined twins whose new medical goal is to create a single unit of more than one being that will live by sharing a single digestive system with one another. He describes an overhead presentation the essential basics of how he will surgically connect his three victims mouth-to-anus.

Before beginning the operation, Lindsay fails in an attempt to escape. Heiter then explains to Lindsay that he had experimented with creating a 'three dog', also joined mouth-to-anus, which died shortly after surgery. Heiter tells Lindsay that the middle dog of his creation experienced the most pain, and as a punishment for her escape attempt, she will become the middle part of his centipede. Heiter performs the surgery on his victims, placing Lindsay in the middle, Katsuro at the front, and Jenny at the rear.

Once the operation is complete the doctor begins to train his centipede as a pet. In spite of their resistance to him the unavoidable happens. He watches with great delight as Lindsay is forced to swallow Katsuro's excrement as this will begin the ultimate process of proving that the experiment has truly worked and also serves the purpose of letting them know he is ultimately in control of them regardless of whether or not they obey his commands. Heiter eventually becomes more and more irritated after being kept awake by the constant screaming, moaning, and crying of his victims along with the various other disobediences his "pet" commits. During a routine physical Heiter realizes that Jenny, the tail end, is suffering from sepsis, caused by an infection.

Interrupting the physical is the sound of the doorbell. Two detectives, Kranz and Voller, have come to visit the house to investigate the disappearance of tourists. After realizing the detectives are considering him as a prime suspect Heiter decides he will add them to his centipede as replacements for Jenny. Heiter fails in an attempt to drug the detectives and they leave the house to obtain a search warrant. During the time Heiter is upstairs dealing with the detectives the victims escape from the ward.

When Heiter returns to attend to his pet he finds it is missing. Katsuro attacks Heiter and the extreme injuries cause him to fall temporarily unconscious. Though they do manage to crawl up the stairs into the main house, their attempt to escape ultimately fails as they are trapped in a room which Heiter himself must crawl into due to his wounds from the attack.

Katsuro is poised to fight again but then instead breaks down confessing to the doctor, in Japanese, that he deserves his fate because he had treated his family poorly and lived an irresponsible life. Katsuro then commits suicide by slitting his own throat with a piece of glass.

The detectives return to the house and split to conduct separate searches. Heiter, realizing the detectives had returned, hides aside his indoor swimming pool. We see Voller is struggling with the effects of the earlier drugging as he searches. Kranz finds the makeshift ward and then hears a gunshot.

He begins to head towards the gunfire but discovers the morbid state of Heiter's victims before finding Voller dead in the swimming pool. Armed with Voller's pistol, Heiter shoots Kranz in the stomach, and Kranz responds by shooting Heiter in the head.

Kranz then falls in the pool from his wound and dies there. Back in the house, Jenny and Lindsay hold hands as Jenny dies from her infection. Lindsay is the lone survivor in the house, trapped tragically between her deceased fellow captives.

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Although, Heiter does not appear physically in the second film, he is the influence and the role-model of The Human Centipede 2's main protagonist Martin Lomax.

Martin works in a parking-garage, and he is obsessed with the film The Human Centipede, so much so that he even made his own notebook full of info about it. While at his job, Martin is seen with his notebook, watching the Human Centipede film. Josef Heiter appears, and starts to explain his plan of making the Human Centipede, and Martin starts writing and drawing in his notebook, Josef Heiter's presentation.

Later on, again Martin at his job, is seen again watching The Human Centipede, and Josef Heiter appears in the film, forcing the main segment of the Centipede, Katsuro to feed the two segments behind of him with his feces.

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

Alternative Ending

Throughout the events of The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), prison warden Bill Boss embraces the idea of using the human centipede technique on his disrespectful and non-redeemable prisoners, with the urging of his right-hand man Dwight Butler. Once it is done a governor named Hughes is repulsed, however, ends up accepting the idea and seeing it as a genius. The film ends with Bill Boss celebrating by screaming into a megaphone on a guard tower, overlooking the centipede down below.

In an alternative scene available on the DVD, the events of the film turn out to be a dream of Josef Heiter, who wakes up in his bed in his home. Josef gets out of bed and contemplates the idea of a human centipede. The next day, Josef sits in his car looking at photos of 3Dog, just as the events of The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is about to begin.


A graphic novel, originally planned for 2017 release, acts as a prequel to the original film, showing Heiter's creation of 3Dog, and will then cover the events of the original movie as well as acting as an epilogue, showing the aftermath of Heiter's death and what happened to his surviving victim Lindsay.

Powers and Abilities

  • Surgery - As already mentioned, Heiter has knowledge in surgery. He appears to be very well taught, especially in separating Siamese twins. Heiter decided to use his knowledge, to try and merge people together, which would ultimately make the Human Centipede.
  • Manipulation - Heiter appears to be a very skilled manipulator. He managed to lure Lindsay and Jenny, and drug them both. He even managed to drug Voller, a police officer. When the police officers came, Josef Heiter managed to manipulate with them, and get them to leave the first time with his story, until they later on came back to investigate more.
  • Durability - Heiter seems to be durable. When he got attacked by his Human Centipede, he was laying on the ground in pain. Until he started to crawl to them, with his foot and neck damaged from the Human Centipede.

List of Victims

The Rottweilers.

  • Three Rottweilers
    • Before Heiter's Human Centipede creation, six months ago Heiter decided to start connecting people, instead of separating twins. His first victims were the three Rottweilers, all of which passed away and got burred by Heiter inside of his yard.
  • Truck Driver
    • Heiter's first human victim was a Truck Driver, which was defecating in the woods. The Truck Driver was obese, and Heiter'sfirst idea was possibly to collect fatter victims, in order for them to live longer. The Truck Driver ends up being kidnapped by Heiter, and get placed inside of Heiter's makeshift medical ward. Once Heiter got his two new victims, he ends up killing the Truck Driver for not being a match.
  • Lindsay & Jenny
    • Lindsay & Jenny are the two main protagonists of the film. The two American female tourists were going to a party in Germany, until their car stopped working. They were stuck inside of the woods, during the rain. The two were trying to find help, and they found Heiter's house. Both of them knocked on his door, and he let them inside. Heiter ends up drugging both of them and bringing them inside of his makeshift medical ward. Lindsay had an attempt to escape Heiter's house. She was close to escaping, but she couldn't let her friend Jenny stay there. Jenny which isn't consciousness, got dragged by Lindsay outside, until Heiter captured them both. Heiter ended up using both Lindsay and Jenny for his Human Centipede experiment. In the end of the film, they tried to escape again, but failed. Jenny ended up dying from being ill, and Lindsay's faith is unknown.
  • Katsuro
    • Katsuro is also one of the main characters of the film. He is a Japanese tourist in Germany, which also got kidnapped by Heiter. Katsuro got kidnapped once the Truck Driver got killed, and he was instantly brought into the makeshift medical ward once kidnapped. Inside Katsuro was talking on his own Japanese language, and no one could of understood him. Heiter decided that Katsuro will be on the front of the Human Centipede, while Lindsay is in the middle, and Jenny is at the back. During the film, Heiter was forcing Katsuro to bring him paper, and he was treating the Human Centipede as a pet. Finally, Katsuro with Lindsay and Jenny, were close to escaping and Katsuro attacked Heiter, by stabbing him ,in the foot, and biting his neck. They were very close of escaping, though Heiter followed them, which escalated in Katsuro slitting his own throat, committing suicide.
  • Kranz & Voller
    • Kranz and Voller are the two German police detectives, which got sent to Heiter's house, because two tourists got reported missing, near his location. When they entered his house, Heiter tried to drug them, and to use them as new segments for his Human Centipede. Voller drank the water which was drugged, and Kranz was suspicions and pushed Heiter's hand, dropping the glass onto the ground, breaking it. Later on, both of the police detectives were suspicions of Heiter's weird behavior, and they came back to his house. Voller ended up getting killed by Heiter, and Kranz got killed afterwards, though Hanz shot Joef Heiter in his head, killing him aswell.


I'll explain this spectacular operation only once. We start with cutting the ligamentum patella, the ligaments of the kneecaps, so knee extension is no longer possible. Pulling from "B" and "C" the central incisors, lateral incisors and canines from the upper and lower jaws. The lips from "B" and "C", and the anus of "A" and "B", are cut circular along the border between skin and mucosa, the mucus cutaneous zone. Two pedicellate grafts are prepared and lifted from the underlying tissue. The shaped incisions below the chins of "B" and "C" up to their cheeks connecting the circular mucosa and skin parts of anus and mouth, from "A" to "B," and "B" to "C", connecting the pedicellate grafts to the chin-cheek incisions from "A" to "B," and "B" to "C", creating a Siamese triplet, connected via the gastric system. Ingestion by "A", passing through "B", to the excretion of "C". The "human centipede".
~ Dr. Heiter explains the operation.


  • He was based on the late infamous real-life Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, also known as Angel of Death.
    • Considering the reputation of the film Heiter's fictional acts are still amazingly less evil than the real experiments of Josef Mengele.
  • Although the film claimed to use real-life surgical science with the procedure process created under the consultation of a medical professional, many experts have since ridiculed the idea that a "human centipede" could ever be created.
  • Dieter Laser was hesitant to take the role of Doctor Heiter. As a well-respected stage and screen actor in Europe, he had to consider how his involvement in such a film might impact his career. He then thought of how this extreme character could be played seriously with a psychopathic style similar to a Hannibal Lecter and decided to take the creative risk. The result was to have created one of the most infamous horror villains of all time.
  • Being a method actor, Dieter Laser refused to speak to the three actors playing Heiter's victims during the filming of the movie, as he didn't want any kind of emotional friendliness between them (as Dr. Heiter and his victims wouldn't have). This had put him into a minor conflict with co-star Akihiro Kitamura (who played the "head" of the centipede) who believed that Dieter was truly being hostile. One incident that resulted in an on-set verbal challenge where Kitamura called for assistance and Laser called him "chickenshit" occurred when Laser's foot was closer to Kitamura's face for a scene requiring it to look as though Heiter was kicking Katsuro in the face. The two apologized shortly afterward but Kitamura admitted the event did help fuel him in character though since filming the two have a very friendly and respectful professional relationship. Ashlynn Yennie and Ashley C. Williams have admitted themselves they were quite frightened of Laser during filming and only realized on meeting him post-filming that he is a friendly and sociable person.
  • In the sequel set in the "real world", Martin Lomax, an obese mentally unstable man becomes inspired, as well as sexually aroused, by the movie The Human Centipede, and decides to copy Heiter's methods. Due to his not being medically trained in any capacity he uses things like duct tape and kitchen appliances to create his centipede of eleven human segments. Despite being fictional Heiter has an influence over Martin who looks up to Heiter as a father figure and keeps a picture of him in his massive secret scrapbook of the film along with pictures of the actors and actresses both in character as well as themselves out of character.
  • In the South Park episode "HumancentiPad", Steve Jobs tortured Kyle, a Japanese man, and a woman and made all three of them a "human centipede-esque" Apple product called "the HumancentiPad". In the end, he had to pry them apart and let them go due to a loophole.
  • Dieter Laser is featured as leading character prison warden Bill Boss in the third and final installment The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). Doctor Heiter, along with the original film's events, is presented as a work of fiction to warden Bill Boss alongside the sequel The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) by character Dwight Butler (played by the lead of The Human Centipede II; Laurence Harvey) as inspiration a new method of dealing with inmates in the American prison system. Heiter appears in archive footage when The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is screened to the inmates at Bill Boss' prison.
  • Heiter is the only major villain in The Human Centipede series to not be a protagonist.


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