Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death, is one of the Nazi's high-ranked officials and a villain from the Marvel novels.


The Nazi army started hunting various mutants in the night. While Josef Mengele started theorizing that if he gets captured mutants, he could take their organs in order to transplant them into the humans physiognomy. Mengele believed that this would expand into humanity becoming a master-race.

He has a project by the name "Griffin", in which scientists started implanting various hearts, lungs and lobes into humans to see if they could match each other's genetics. Mainly his experiments we're unsuccessful, but he was successful with experimenting with kids.

Mengele stated they are perfect for experimenting on, because they are to little to understand what are they getting into, and because they are easy to manipulate with. Mengele named the kids Little Time Travelers. Adolf Hitler believed that the cross-breeding could potentially become a threat to him.

Hitler believed that the tests could get inside of his bed, and kill him in his dreams. Hitler then decided of execution all of the subjects. Because of this, Mengele ordered of a massacre of all the subjects. Nearly all of the subjects got killed.


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