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Clarence: Who the hell are you? How'd you get in there? Carol Anne!

47: My client has hired me to show you this photograph. Clarence: I don't understand. 47: My client has asked me to ensure it's the last thing you ever see. Please, look at the photograph, Mr. Clarence.

~ 47 confronting Clarence before giving a picture then killing him.

Joseph Clarence aka Swing King is the minor antagonist of Hitman: Blood Money. He is a former owner of Southland Amusement Park and a collaborator of Scoop and his mob.


Early life

Joseph Clarence was a successful, locally popular amusement park entrepreneur named "Swing King" in Baltimore for most of the 80s and 90s, before a Ferris wheel in his park crumbled because of a construction failure and caused the death of 36 people.

Clarence went to court, possibly for ignorance, but was released of all charges. However, the accident cost him his clients, his entire chance and his trophy wife as a result (she is imaged in the opening cinematic as a very charming blonde, and Clarence calls her "Rachel" during the phone call).

Hitman: Blood Money

Clarence has a niece, Carol Anne who is a secretary at the abandoned park.

In order to protect bankruptcy, he rents the park out to Scoop, the leader of drug dealers. Being a soulless gangster, Scoop betrays Clarence by denying from either leaving or paying Clarence.

47 was sent to assassinate Clarence by the father of one of the accident victims, which demands that he be shown a photo of the boy before taking Clarence down. In the act of killing Clarence, 47 also liquidates Scoop, many of his henchmen, as well as a female chemist.

Joseph Clarence aka Mr. Swing King
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