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Joseph DeMarco is a minor antagonist of videogame Watch Dogs.

He is a philanthropist and mob boss Dermot Quinn's business manager, DeMarco runs Chicago South Club's human trafficking ring on Quinn's behalf.


DeMarco is first seen interrogated by police when Aiden shut down the stadium. He later appears in Lucky Quinn's auction before departing into a room. The auction was shut down when Pearce contacted the police who raided the premises.

After a series of investigations on the ring exposing many of the buyers who escaped the police, Pearce tracked DeMarco down to his apartment and spied on him through CTOS. A small group of corrupt cops escorted DeMarco and take him to a safehouse by the waterside to leave Chicago. Pearce, however, followed the police convoy and took down DeMarco before he could flee the city, and dismantling the human trafficking ring as well.

List of DeMarco's buyers

  • Francis T. Barrthes, South African minerals CEO
  • Darius Peaston, sports team owner
  • Paul Benedict Henfield, stolen art dealer and assistant to European aristocrat
  • David R. Treaklesen, representing the Governor of Illinois
  • Martin Graften, CFO
  • Adolpho C. Peccorino, CEO
  • Joshua Kramer, auctioneer
  • Carl Breenwood, cosmetics executive
  • Anton Chenkov, relative of Russian oligarch
  • Gregory Foydalem, tech entrepreneur
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