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Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin is the main antagonist in Command & Conquer: Red Alert, the first installment in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series, and a posthumous antagonist in all subsequent games. He is the oppressive dictator of the Soviet Union, like his real life counterpart, who seeks to conquer all of Europe.

He was portrayed by the late Eugene Dynarski.


With Hitler gone, Stalin made the Soviet Union become more persuasive and powerful without the Nazis standing in his way. He ordered his officers to produce the Sarin nerve and deploy it in the town Toru for hiding resistance fighters.

Joseph assigned the commander to eliminate the survivors to prove his aggressive and ruthless personality. During this time, he had a mysterious advisor named Kane occasionally advising on his next move. The dictator later ordered the Soviets to invade Germany and Greece. The Allied forces stopped the Soviets advancing.

Stalin became more brutal as the war goes on and ordered the purge of Soviet against the officials from the Soviet Union. He also ordered the deploy nuclear weapons against Europe. Moscow was later under siege by the Allied forces who captured Stalin. General Stavros left Stalin to be buried alive. In the Soviet campaign he killed off many soviet officers and eventually got killed off by Nadia and Kane leaving the player as leader of a Continental soviet union.

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