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Josephine Clench is a minor antagonist in the cartoon network TV series Samurai Jack. She is one of two main antagonists (along with Zeke) of the episode "Couple on a Train". She is a bounty hunter, Zeke's ex-partner, and ex-wife.

She was voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Josephine was once partners in bounty hunting with her husband Zeke. However two had a falling out, possibly due to Josephine's treacherous nature, which ends so badly, Zeke took out 150 feet restraining order against her. When she learned that her ex-husband was after Samurai Jack, she followed him in order to get in on the bounty. She seduces the owner of the saloon that both Zeke and Jack went into. When she heard that Jack was going to the train station, Josephine followed him and Zeke.

Josephine got on the train Jack got on to and waited for Zeke to arrive. When Zeke made it on to the train, Josephine confronted him. Zeke was surprised to see her and she told him she knew that he was after Jack's bounty and she wanted in on it. However, Zeke refuses and when Josephine tells that Jack was better than him, he brushes her off by saying no-one was better than him and reminds her about the restraining order. She then watches Zeke's fight with Jack which eventually Jack wins. After losing to Jack Zeke agrees to let her in on Jack's bounty.

Josephine flirts with Jack and convinces him to come outside the train, where Zeke is waiting for him. After another fight, they manage to capture Jack in a bolo. However, Josephine tricks Zeke by flirting with him, then pushing him off the train so can have all of the bounty to herself. However, when Jack sees her chain umbrella he tosses around it Zeke's feet and then cuts himself free tosses the umbrella's hook end around Josephine's ankle, causing her to fall off the train as well. While She and Zeke dangling on the trestle, Josephine tries to trick him again saying maybe was a little hasty but, he once again reminds her about the restraining order.

It is unknown of what happened to Josephine afterwards.


Josephine is a slender woman with neat black hair and red lipstick. She wears a green Victorian dress with a neckline and a long skirt that hides her weapons, accompanied by long black gloves and a black necklace. She also wears earrings and a green hat decorated with a feather and flowers of the same color.


Despite her beauty, Josephine is a cruel, greedy and sadistic bounty hunter. She is shown to be a treacherous individual, as seen when she betrayed Zeke in order to get all of Jack's bounty to herself. She is a convincing and persuasive liar, presenting herself as a sweet southern bell to hide her true nature. She also uses her looks to manipulate men.



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