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Josh is the main antagonist of the Rugrats episode "New Kid in Town".

He was voiced by the late Dana Hill. In the 2021 reboot, he is voiced by Alicyn Packard.


Josh was a chubby older kid who befriended the babies at the park after they left Angelica Pickles for mistreating them. He claimed that "what's fair is fair" and seemed to be nice at fist. However, Josh showed his true colors by forcing the babies to push him on the tire swing, stealing their cookies, and making them build him a moat (just like Angelica made them do). When Tommy stated that he wasn't being fair, Josh made a fist on him, implying that he would punch the babies if they object. The babies start to moan over their fate; they even admitted to having missed Angelica and the way she bullied them.

Knowing that Josh is worse than Angelica, Tommy secretly went to Angelica to ask for help, but she refused because the babies refused to dig a moat for her. Upon Tommy returning to the park, Josh was angry and decided to teach him and the other babies a lesson by swinging and jumping on them. However, before he can do so, Angelica (having changed her mind) hits him with a water balloon, threatening to throw more if he ever tries to hurt the babies. Josh refused, prompting an angry Angelica to push Josh down, causing him to get a scraped arm. Josh then runs crying to his mommy, and Angelica tells him never to mess with the babies again, much to the babies' delight.


  • Despite being a one-shot character, Josh is arguably one of the darkest of the Rugrats villains, as he was worse than Angelica since he deliberately tried to jump on the babies (which likely would have killed them) for his own amusement, something which Angelica morally refused to cross.


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